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So you may have guessed that I gave up with my project. In my defence, Mr Super Amazing Guy did a really good job of playing ‘hide the crazy’ for several months.

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Okay, I’ll admit it, I liked the attention, whether or not it made any sense. And I swear to god, I spent all of September and October trying to dump this guy who WOULD NOT LET ME DUMP HIM. But you’re ignoring me.” I texted him in the morning telling him in no uncertain terms that perhaps we should not speak anymore. He called me a bitch and said that it was obvious that I was dating someone and that “he had also started seeing someone” but that he just HAD TO SEE ME. A few more WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME ANYMORE texts and emails. image source I haven’t been around for awhile, but I’ve got a good reason. After that eventful Saturday night a couple of weeks ago, he and I continued talking. ) and then walked around a bit, and finally kissed. I had this really strange feeling that I *knew* him, like I’d met him before… So that’s why I haven’t been blogging for the last couple of weeks. Saturday night was meant to go like this: Afternoon date (first date only, from the original ad) Evening date Engagement party for a friend I just wanted to see if it could all be done.Then I discovered that he had completely unacceptable political viewpoints and there were far too many red flags to ignore. It was completely insane, I have never gotten so many pitiful text messages before. A few nights later, he texted while I was on my way to tall guy’s saying he was coming over. And to be perfectly honest, I was getting slightly concerned he would show up at my flat at any moment. I’m probably not going to do any more first dates for awhile, because I met someone. I haven’t been able to see him loads because of his job, but I am a bit wrapped up in the whole situation. I’m still nursing my hangover from last night, but I have to say… And possibly like the idea that I’m scheduling my life into a sort of bad sitcom, in which ridiculous and implausible situations take place, with hilarious mishaps resulting.If I hadn’t already been certain that I didn’t want to see him anymore, he did an excellent job of convincing me. So remember the tall guy I met and accidentally really liked? It’s been about a month since I last heard from him. And by “hint” I mean “very direct messages that I sent in plain English saying that I no longer wanted anything to do with him”. I met him through this– Please let me break your emo heart. Of course, this whole first date project was to prevent me from getting into one of these quick and intense relationships YET AGAIN but I can’t help myself. The afternoon date cancelled on me, which is just as well. or maybe it’s just that I haven’t spoken French much since I moved here and I really enjoy the practice. The conversation did not flow, and I found myself drinking a lot more quickly than I normally would have because raising my glass to my mouth made me feel better than enduring the deafening silences.(there are a whole lot of ‘accidentallys’ going on here… I hate to say you got what you signed up for because it was totally tongue in cheek I certainly didn’t mean for it to turn out that way… He and I have rescheduled for next Wednesday and I’m looking forward to it. Anyway, it’s just as well that he cancelled because I ended up spending most of the afternoon talking to another guy who responded to the emo heart ad. He’s incredibly attractive and we get on annoyingly well. I thought about sabotaging the date, and realllllly drawing out those awkward moments, but I just couldn’t do it… And it’s not like I was wearing anything particularly revealing. Again, in an attempt to stop being completely overly critical, he was a perfectly nice guy.perhaps I should take more responsibility for my dating mishaps. After talking online and texting for awhile, he called me and we talked for over an hour. He’s funny and, it sounds ridiculously cliché but I feel like he “gets” me and we’ve known each other forever. I forget that people get nervous on dates, because I usually just don’t at all. when I feel uncomfortable I get far more chatty and funny and probably accidentally more flirty (which is possibly why guys don’t realise what a terrible time I’m having). He was just, I don’t know, a bit odd, just a very nervous person. And it definitely got less terrible after a pint or so, but I just wasn’t interested in drawing it out. Luckily, I had the engagement party as an excuse to get out, after only 2 pints and an hour and a half of insufferable conversation. I’m cute and funny and really easy to be around, so I’ve been told.Cute friend had to get the last tube back, and I decided it would be sensible to do the same. Photo source Photo source: The Evolution of the Hipster I might be a little addicted to writing Craigslist personals. Once upon a time I was a fun and feisty girl in her early twenties, gallivanting around the world and breaking hearts on my path to domination of all men. To be perfectly honest, I am just a master procrastinator and I like the attention/ responses I get.

Okay, so I actually was hoping that maybe we’d make out a little bit. Silly drunk boy was so distracted he almost missed his stop, and then had to rush off and said “Oh shit, I forgot to get your number… (I spoke to our friend this morning, who said that the guy had told him he was really into me, so he’s going to hook us up, apparently) So a brief summary of this weekend: 1. I’ve started cycling to work, and have gotten into the habit of composing them in my head during my nearly hour long commute. Ah, how I miss those days, now that I am tumbling towards my late twenties, my friends are all getting married, and I seem to have switched teams from the heartbreakers to the heartbreakees. This ad has been particularly fun, and surprisingly zero hate mail!

There’s nothing better than the feeling of knowing your boyfriend is so in love with you that you will, without a doubt, be the one who ends up giving the “it’s not you, it’s me” talk. And actually, there might be a couple potential first dates. ANYWAY, long side note there, but speaking of Irish guys…

He’s not really looking for a relationship and to be honest, I’m perfectly happy with the idea of just being friends. We met up in Old Street and went to Electricity Showroom. He kept playing with the candle on the table, almost compulsively putting his hand over it, moving it away, putting it back… I got out real quick, with just a peck on the cheek. It would be great if you had a sense of humour and didn’t write me hate mail for posting this, I should also add. Despite all information in the previous paragraphs pointing to the contrary, I’m not malicious or terrible.

So after my long chat with him, I got ready for my date (which I nearly forgot about and was late for). First impression: I could tell it was him, but for some reason he looked… On the way over to the party, the guy I’d spoken to in the afternoon and I texted back and forth a bit. So, you are probably wondering, why would you put yourself through this? We can go to gigs and pubs and drink lots of beer and do Londony stuff and it will be great fun for awhile.

The guy: responded to the emo ad, seemed to have a good sense of humour. I was already a bit tipsy (no dinner + 2 pints) and tried to get him to come out. So I went to the party, and in between text flirting with him, I met a friend of my engaged friend, who is quite cute, and we flirted the whole evening. Maybe girls have hurt you in the past- but instead of this making you guarded and “unable to love” this makes you desperate for a girl’s affection (like, for example, me. And then, once I’ve dumped you, you’ll have some really great material to write poems/ songs/ diary entries about. Maybe all you’ve needed all this time to get your band off the ground is a girl like me to break your heart.

Drunk me spent a good hour or so jokingly trying to convince him that a giant elephant piece of artwork was actually a pinata, and that it was definitely a great idea to go kick it and see if there was candy inside. Though the bouncer started to get concerned about us lurking near the Art and advised us to move. Many online conversations, texts, phonecalls with a new guy- excellent. maybe you spent a good portion of your teen years crying along to Dashboard Confessional. I promise I will like you and be really sweet to you and give you at least a minimal boost to your ego). Obviously it’s all tongue in cheek and I don’t really intend on meeting anyone from it.

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