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Capturing snapshot from digital devices is a popular way of spying on people and today such softwares are high in demand mainly due to increasing insecurity of people.

Actual Network Cam Tool 11.6 is one such tool which can perform all the above functions without any trouble and in addition can also perform various other tasks.To conclude, Network Cam Tool 11.6 comes across as an ultimate tool for monitoring both online and offline activities.With this tool you can record images and videos from security cameras and the alarm system is the biggest boon for user.With such amazing features this product surely deserves a rating of 5 stars.As a security application you can install it into security cameras on your office or home and can capture unlimited amount of still shots.Moreover, motion detector included in this tool can detect any threat and sounds alarm.

Apart from this it also captures images and videos and broadcast it at your end and can even send the captured images or videos as email.

The recorded images or videos are immediately protected with a password encryption which can be opened only by you.

Network Cam Tool 11.6 can capture snapshots from any video device with a high speed of 30 frames per second.

This software is capable of producing high quality MPEG-4 pictures from computers and can also send images in JPEG format to your FTP server.

Broadcasting of images captured through Network Cam Tool can be viewed through any web browser and for this no additional plug-in is required.

With Network Cam Tool you can seamlessly capture and transmit unlimited amount of webcam images.

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