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At the age of 8 years old in February of 2007, Katherine began the month as a happy child, good grades, well behaved, well liked and very social with many friends.

The police and school administration who actively choose to do this knew it would destroy Katherine's ability to have a normal childhood because it was discussed with them.Many other children are still being badly harmed by the government the way I was harmed and I want to try and stop it.Let me get before congress and I can provably argue what the real statistical recidivism rate for new sex crimes is, I have the data, I know the math and I am ready to prove anyone who says it is high that they are wrong.My granddaughter Katherine is a USA born citizen and until recently she lived in the USA.She is currently 15 years old, bright, strong minded, wants to become a psychologist and is in general a good person.A word from Kat: Here is a link to pre-view the funding campaign my grandfather and family are working on starting. My grandfather will begin the campaign when we have enough team members to really get some attention.

My parent’s and I are on the team anonymously, not using our real names.

The campaign itself is not for that much, won’t even pay for one semester at the university I want to go to, but it can hopefully be a great tool to gain public attention to this issue.

I am hoping we get enough attention that it will make a difference and get some people in the United States Congress willing to listen to what I have to say, maybe even allow me to speak to congress.

Their only response was that Katherine's mother could divorce her father, take her and move away from her father.

Neither she nor her mother were willing to break their family apart like this. This was complicated by her family losing 2/3 of their supportive income and not being able to figure out how to move away.

By the end of the month Katherine's childhood was unjustly destroyed by the government of the United States of America.

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