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You may need to remove some java packages but most of them should be happy once you have the Sun JDK packages installed.You may want to follow one of these cleanup tips once you are done removing packages.

Assuming you have previously installed a copy of java-6-sun package, a followup will help getting rid of broken symbolic link: So remove all files resides in "java-7-oracle" folder with root permission and extract the latest JDK or JRE files in it. Next I ran the following command: aptitude search ~ijdk ~ijava ~ijre ~iicedt The results are as follows: id A gir1.2-javascriptcoregtk-3.0 - GObject introspection data for the GTK+-ba i A libapache-pom-java - Maven metadata for all Apache Software pro id A libatk-wrapper-java - ATK implementation for Java using JNI id A libatk-wrapper-java-jni - ATK implementation for Java using JNI (JNI i A libcommons-beanutils-java - utility for manipulating Java Beans i A libcommons-collections3-java - A set of abstract data type interfaces and i A libcommons-compress-java - Java API for working with tar, zip and bzi i A libcommons-digester-java - Rule based XML Java object mapping tool i A libcommons-logging-java - commmon wrapper interface for several logg i A libcommons-parent-java - Maven metadata for Apache Commons project i A libdb-java - Berkeley Database Libraries for Java i A libdb-je-java - Oracle Berkeley Database Java Edition i A libdb5.1-java - Berkeley v5.1 Database Libraries for Java i A libdb5.1-java-jni - Berkeley v5.1 Database Libraries for Java id A libhsqldb-java - Java SQL database engine i A libicu4j-java - Library for unicode support and internalis i A libjavascriptcoregtk-1.0-0 - Javascript engine library for GTK+ i A libjavascriptcoregtk-3.0-0 - Javascript engine library for GTK+ id A libjaxp1.3-java - Java XML parser and transformer APIs (DOM, i A libjline-java - Java library for handling console input i A libjtidy-java - JTidy i A liblucene2-java - Full-text search engine library for Java(T i A libregexp-java - Regular expression library for Java i A libservlet2.5-java - Servlet 2.5 and JSP 2.1 Java API classes id A libxalan2-java - XSL Transformations (XSLT) processor in Ja id A libxerces2-java - Validating XML parser for Java with DOM le id A libxml-commons-external-java - XML Commons external code - DOM, SAX, and id A libxml-commons-resolver1.1-java - XML entity and URI resolver library i A libxz-java - Java library with a complete implementatio id A tzdata-java - time zone and daylight-saving time data fo @Eric Carvalho Thanks for your suggestions and time. If I leave the results -I mean the files mentioned in my above post- intact on my system, will they be targets of Java hackers?A workaround for this problem is disabling all of the repository and then execute the removal command.If you want instructions for removing the proprietary Oracle ("Sun") version of Java, then you'll have to specify how you installed it.(If you edit your question to indicate this and leave a comment to this answer, I'll try to add information about how to remove that too.) to switch to the Sun java packages.If you do want to completely remove Open JDK remove the default-jdk and/or default-jre packages.That's it now you would have the latest Java version Installed. The reason I wanted to remove all instances of Java is to prevent hackers.

It was all over the news and the internet that a US government agency strongly discourages the use of Java due to multiple critical vulnerabilities.

You don't have a Java Runtime Environment installed, then there's no way to run any java application.

I built those commands one by one, then piped it all together and I ran all of them in different Java installation scenarios that I have for test purposes in some workstations at work.

I really paid attention to the output of Although the presented sequence of commands works on most cases, I think my answer needs some improvements.

Everybody, please, feel free to suggest changes that can improve it, like better explanation of each command or pointing out a scenario not covered by them.+1 for the answer.

I recently found a scenario where removing openjdk causes installation of other java packages.

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