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Once flourishing as three of Spenard's most infamous dating and escort businesses -- and police targets for years as thriving haunts of prostitution and other crimes -- the houses are going on the auction block sometime this spring.

The IRS took the houses in September as part of the forfeiture agreement and now plans to sell them to the highest bidder.Moon's House, similar in structure with big front windows, is across the street.The reputation of the properties grew at police headquarters over the years.Repeated 911 calls involving drugs, robberies, violence and even a homicide at the Bunny Club in 1998 created an aura of crime around the places, authorities said. Pak's business, Mun Enterprises, had legal brothels in Elko, Nev.In the years that Pak owned the real estate, seven women with criminal histories that included prostitution offenses held business licenses on the properties, according to a February 2004 search warrant affidavit filed in U. And Pak pleaded no contest to prostitution charges in 1992 in Anchorage, according to the affidavit.Several police raids starting in the early 1990s on Pak's Anchorage properties discovered sex toys and naked men.

Condoms were hidden throughout the houses in nooks and crannies including Advil bottles and fried onion food containers.

During one bust at Moon's House in January 2004, when police tried to walk to the rear of the home where bedrooms were located, a woman blocked the hallway, yelling in an Asian language, according to the affidavit.

According to police records, Anchorage investigators repeatedly targeted Pak and other property owners who they claim ran brothels, but a web of complicated city business licenses, compliance codes and grandfathered zoning rights for old Anchorage homes often got in the way.

All the while police had trouble acting fast enough and collecting enough evidence to prove a crime had been committed, Holloway said."For the past 30 years, we would do prostitution cases, but we could only charge the girls who committed the act; we couldn't get the owners," Holloway said.

"Those cases were good (to arrest) the prostitutes, but they weren't any good for getting the johns or the madams."Today, the boxy, single-story home that was Miss Susies is nestled between a preschool playground and a home just off Arctic Boulevard near Northern Lights Boulevard.

On a recent afternoon, a school bus pulled up to the nearby curb and unloaded children.

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