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Additionally, the Jacksonville Beaches designates the group of towns and communities along the Atlantic coast.Additionally, the City of Jacksonville uses six planning districts for some governmental purposes such as organizing Citizens Planning Advisory Committees (CPACs).

They are the Urban Core, comprising Downtown Jacksonville and some urban neighborhoods to the north; Greater Arlington/Beaches, including the Arlington area north of Beach Boulevard as well as the parts of the Beaches within the Jacksonville city limits; Southeast, corresponding to the Southside area south of Beach Boulevard; Southwest, consisting of the southern Westside; Northwest, comprising areas to the north and west of the Urban Core; and Northside, representing the northernmost parts of the county.The areas include both urban neighborhoods within the old city limits as well as further-out suburban and rural communities.Three have "directional" names, a common characteristic in geographical areas.The most commonly used vernacular areas are Northside, located north of Downtown; Arlington, east of Downtown across the St.Johns River; Southside, across the river from Downtown to the south, and Westside, to the west of Downtown.Downtown is the central business district of Jacksonville.

The oldest section of the city, it is traditionally defined by the original boundaries of the city set upon its establishment.

It is the center of Jacksonville's Urban Core, which includes the surrounding neighborhoods of La Villa, Springfield, East Jacksonville, and Brooklyn, plus a section on the south side of the St. The area that became downtown Jacksonville was on the north bank of a crossing on the St.

There are four municipalities within Duval County that are outside of Jacksonville's city limits: Baldwin, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, and Jacksonville Beach.

The latter three communities, all located on a coastal barrier island, form part of the area known as the Jacksonville Beaches, together with Mayport within the Jacksonville city limits and Ponte Vedra Beach in St. Jacksonville consolidated with Duval County in 1968; as such its city limits largely match the county borders.

The City of Jacksonville estimates that there are over 500 neighborhoods within this area.

In addition, the greater area of Jacksonville is often divided into several large sections with amorphous boundaries.

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