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The same hookers Sheen has seemingly had an unquenchable thirst for since the late 80’s? With this new information, we see clearly that all of his ‘winning’ drug-addled antics were AFTER he got his HIV diagnosis.

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What I can’t tolerate is Sheen posturing as the new face of HIV, as a victim of others malfeasance and untruths?!That he will hopefully be the impetus for others to come forward, not to be afraid of the HIV stigma?extortioners and waited four years to come forward.He would not have spent the last four years of his life post diagnosis in a drug addled sex Bacchanalia haze that would make Caligula blush. While I’m generally inclined to swaddle myself in head to toe fleece at the first sign of freeze o’clock, I’d like to think my sweater game is pretty tight during fall →On FLEEK some would say.No-one, Top L to R: Alexander Wang, Militant-inspired Isabel Marant, Altuzarra in a gorgeous powder blue.

Bottom L to R: Vivienne Westwood cropped cable knit in red, Les Copains cozy knit with on trend firefly brooch.

Culottes are a great transitional fall piece that are easy to wear and can be dressed up with a great pair of booties, heels & designer tights.

He couldn’t even answer Matt Lauer’s straightforward line of questioning as to how he thought he got the disease. Cause nothing says “Bree Olsen, one of Sheen’s barely legal ex girlfriends, admitted this morning on Howard Stern that she only found out about his condition 3 days ago?

He couldn’t even muster an answer, but adamantly denied the use of “The man who is normally quick on the draw for come backs and quips couldn’t come up with an answer? Surely she will be burnt at the stake and discredited as the public cannot see past Charlie Sheen the Will others surely to come forward be given the same amount of ‘air time’ to tell their sides of the story?

I mean who could EVER predict that a raging alcoholic and drug addict who has unprotected sex with porn stars and hookers possibly get HIV? Will all the hookers and ex porn stars be discredited because of their vocation?

He went on to say he told everyone he has ever slept with about his condition. Was this disclosure mentioned while he free based CRACK off the buttocks off of his harem of sex workers or after?

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