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Believers in the Reformed tradition regard highly the specific contributions of such people as Martin Luther, John Knox, and particularly John Calvin.However, Reformed theology was not "invented" in the sixteenth century.

Reformed theology places great emphasis on the doctrine of God, this doctrine being central to the whole of its theology.His sovereignty also oversees the salvation of man as manifested in the doctrines of grace.The doctrines of grace have historically been represented by the acrostic TULIP.In short, this doctrine biblically describes God’s role in man’s salvation.We know single adults are looking for a place where they can develop solid relationships and discover a sense of purpose as they grow, serve, and enjoy time with friends.At Second, Bible Study is the best place to begin, and there are weekly classes for singles of all ages.

Before you join Sovereign Grace Singles we ask that you review the following Doctrinal Statement.

By joining, you are asserting that you believe the statements below. Reformed theology gets its name from the sixteenth century Protestant Reformation.

The chief and most distinctive article of our theology is God’s sovereignty.

Sovereignty means "rule" and the sovereignty of God means that God rules over His creation with absolute power and authority.

He determines what is going to happen, and it does happen.

God is not alarmed, frustrated, or defeated by circumstances, by sin, or by the rebellion of His creatures.

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