Blakely and tony dating

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The United Cup Conservation Society is not going to be happy about this.Finally, Blakely and Sarah are head to head, and Sarah wins it.

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Blakely ends up winning the challenge causing Chris’ penis to fall off and shatter in the huge pile of glass.Tony wins the competition for the boys despite Blakely’s encouragement technique of talking in his ear non-stop, thus causing them fall in love.Blakely chooses Tony to go on her date, so Tony decides to give his rose to Kalon, who obviously invites Lindzi on his date.Lindzi and Kalon drive a Bently through town and end up on an outdoor bridge under a chandelier.Chris lies in bed with Sarah and cries about the fact that Ed and Kalon lied to him about not voting Blakely off.In a fit of psychotic rage, Chris throws a handful of rose petals in Kalon’s direction, and asserts his status as a grown ass man to Ed.

Ed gets up from their fight and throws a glass on the floor, completely unaware of his inadvertent foreshadowing.

The next morning, the contestants go outside to find two tables holding mounds of cups and saucers.

The competition is called “The great fall of China,” and the contestants have to stack and balance the dishware on a tray while walking back and forth between the tables.

The ladies make the first attempt at extreme tea partying while the boys stretch their pinkies.

Blakely is doing the best because she worked at Hooters for 35 years, and Erica is mad because ABC doesn’t design any challenges for people that aren’t good at anything.

Everyone keeps making it close to the end and then dropping their trays, although, the real challenge seems to be avoiding cuts from all the broken cups.

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