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From the statistics below (collected from W3Schools' log-files since 2002), you can read the long term trends of browser usage.We see that Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer are the most used browsers today.

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These people are more interested in using alternative browsers than the average user.Web browser usage share varies from region to region as well as through time.Depending on how "usage share" is defined, the results can vary greatly.In particular, page views versus unique visits will produce different results.Measuring browser usage in the number of requests (page hits) made by each user agent can be misleading.The average user tends to use the browser that comes preinstalled with their computer, and do not seek out other browser alternatives.

Tip: Global averages may not be relevant to your web site. Some web sites attract professional developers using professional hardware, while other sites attract hobbyists using old computers.

Anyway, our data, collected from W3Schools' log-files over many years, clearly shows the long term trends.

The usage share of web browsers is the proportion, often expressed as a percentage, of visitors to a group of web sites that use a particular web browser.

Not all requests are generated by a user, as a user agent can make requests at regular time intervals without user input.

In this case, the user's activity might be overestimated.

Some examples: Websites often include code to detect browser version to adjust the page design sent according to the user agent string received.

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