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Beware however, for your watch may be off, and it is always forbidden to light candles after sunset. There is also a mitzvah to add to the beginning and end of Shabbat.

Do not use Chanukah or birthday candles, for they burn too quickly. The candles should be lit in an area where they can be seen, but not in a place where a breeze could extinguish the flames or cause them to burn faster, or where children could reach them.Make me worthy to raise learned children and grandchildren, who are wise and understanding, who love and fear God, people of truth, holy and attached to God, who will dazzle the world with Torah and goodness and service of God.Please hear our prayers, in the merit of our matriarchs Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah, and ensure that the glow of our lives will never be dimmed. So express anything that you wish, and ask for all that you desire. Bringing the hands over the flames toward you signifies that you are drawing the spirituality and holiness of Shabbat into your home and into your life.Show us the glow of Your face and we will be saved. According to Jewish tradition, the number three represents commitment and strength.(There's more than one story of children innocently blowing out the candles, as if they were on the top of a birthday cake! Always let the candles burn naturally; never extinguish them yourself.If for some reason a candle goes out before completely burning down, don't worry, you have already fulfilled the mitzvah. Once lit, the candles should not be moved until after Shabbat. Many have embraced the custom of depositing a few coins in a tzedakah (charity) box just before candle lighting time. In reverence for the moment, married women cover their hair, often with a kerchief, before lighting. While women usually begin Shabbat upon lighting the candles, men usually begin Shabbat as part of the synagogue service.

After the recitation, many take special time to thank God for the many blessings of health, prosperity, and joy in their lives.

There is also a special prayer composed by women, for women, which many include at this time: May it be Your will, Lord my God and God of my fathers, to be gracious to me (and to my spouse, children, parents) and to all my family; grant us and all Israel good and long life; remember us for good and blessing; consider us for salvation and compassion; bless us with great blessings; make our household complete, crowning our home with the feeling of Your Divine Presence dwelling among us.

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See companion article on the inspirational aspects of candle-lighting. Lighting time varies, depending on the time of year and city location, but must always be done before sunset. There are special calendars that you can buy at your local Jewish bookstore that will list all the candle lighting times for the year. If you don't have such a guide, simply check your local newspaper for the time of sunset and subtract 18 minutes. This however is only the preferred form of candle lighting.

If one did not light candles 18 minutes before sunset he can still light candles up to a few minutes before sunset.

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