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And up the escalator you will see a Old Town White Coffee on your right as well as Uniqlo and a stretch of food stalls.

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This June school holidays we did not managed to plan any overseas trips because our passport renewal was held up due to some delay.But after picking our new passport on the second week of June, we decided to join cousin and his family for an impromptu food and shopping day trip to Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia.With a good itinerary and guide (cousin) that bring us around, we managed to conquer a few "must try" food places like Restoran Ya Wang, Hiap Joo Bakery, Hui Lau Shan, Cedar Point Food Centre and etc which you can check it out in this post.Usually the bus will be packed with passengers during peak hours and weekends so it best to be in queue so that we can get a seat unless you don't mind standing for at least 30 minutes during the ride.But finally after an hour plus of waiting time, we managed to clear the custom and at around 12pm.After clearing Johor immigration, we headed the way towards the link bridge to city square shopping mall and we were attracted by the coffee aroma from Roti Boy Bakery.

As we cannot resist the temptation, we bought 2 coffee bun to share among us which in a way not to fill our tummy before lunch too.

Continue to follow the linkway and a few escalators down you will be able to see signboard which direct you to the escalators to City Square.

The bus fare is Depending on the traffic as usually it takes at least 30 minutes from Yishun Bus Interchange to Woodlands Checkpoint.

So first stop, we have to conquer the queue at Singapore custom first before moving on to the next stop.

Luckily the queue at Singapore immigration checkpoint is considering fast and bearable as it takes us about less than 30 minutes to clear the custom.

After this we move on to the bus pickup point at level 1 to board the bus ( Upon arrived at the Johor immigration checkpoint entrance we were shocked to see the crowds because there were almost long queues everywhere on the counters.

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