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But Burrell specifically comes from a genre that’s never lacked for lesbian representation — although queer ladies are sorely under-represented in just about every area of popular media, there’s approximately two genres via which lesbians are a’plenty: shows about working out and shows about eating.

, also owns restaurants in the San Francisco and Houston airports and has four kids with her partner, Jennifer.Jennifer birthed Zoran, Caje and Thatcher, and Cat birthed Nash.For a while, Cat and Jennifer were pregnant at the same time, which was pretty f*cking cute.Much like Burrell, Cora was never really “in” the closet, but she never really “came out,” either.For those looking for work, the bar is hiring "all versatile players" for both kitchen and bar positions, about which you can email them at [email protected] Tops is now set to open by mid-November, which likely won’t be in time for the World Series, should the Giants maybe, possibly make it that far.

“Chalk it up to progress that some celebrities are now embarrassed to be thought of as having been in the closet, which increasingly seems like a relic from the last century (even as it still endures mightily).

More and more gay, lesbian and bisexual actors, and TV and media personalities, don’t want to be associated with the often laughable and torturous subterfuge of it.”“Maybe this is the dawn of a new era, where stars forego the traditional “coming out” ritual for more subtle, roundabout affirmations of homosexual affiliation, and maybe this new era is one in which these kinds of announcements really aren’t a big deal anymore.” It’s been a busy few weeks for this topic, with Queen Latifah obliquely referring to the Long Island Pride audience as “her people” at her much-hyped appearance there, Raven-Symoné confirming-by-not-confirming rumors of her relationship with AZMarie, and both Joanna Johnson and Jim Parsons coming out publicly although they both say their sexual orientation was well-known within the business.

As you’ve probably heard, the former Lime in the Castro is becoming a gay sports bar called Hi Tops (2247 Market Street) from new owners Jesse Woodward, Dana Gleim, and Matt Kajiwara.

And now they’ve announced the hiring of a consulting chef: Jamie Lauren.

The Woodward earlier told Grub Street that, with the food menu, they were aiming to serve food that "brings back memories of ballgames and stadiums." It sounds like modern twists on corndogs and other state fair/stadium food, and it could get interesting with Lauren at the helm.

Previously, back when she relocated from San Francisco and took the helm at Beechwood in Venice, she was doing some upscale takes on "white-trash"-themed fare like chicken nuggets, with curry, raita, and whipped vindaloo oil; pimiento cheese dip; and pretzel-stuffed Jidori chicken, just to give you anidea.

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