Chris crocker dating his dog

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The Tennesseean 28-year-old first exposed himself to the world through his provocative Youtube videos dating back to 2006.

Although he is keen to share every step of his gender journey, Crocker's openness has been faced with harsh pushback.Britney Spears could be the most embarrassing mum on Instagram, judging by her latest video. " Britney, 34, then panned to the bottom of her bed where her cute little pooch could be seen licking his lips, clearly enjoying his latest treat. " While other fans were less than impressed, with one writing: "Cringey to say the least." Another praised Brit's skills as an embarrassing mum, writing: "You're a weird mom..The Crazy singer wailed over her dog eating all the cheese in a bizarre new clip. She captioned the vid: "When your damn dog eats all the cheese." "That's hilarious, my pooch loves cheese too! My kids would say same about me but it's a total compliment." It certainly doesn't look like Britney has been indulging herself with cheese, after flaunting her incredible abs last week.Pretty Girls singer Britney can be seen sobbing as she's joined by sons Sean Preston, 10 and Jayden James, nine. The yummy mummy flashed her slim waist and seriously toned legs as she posed in a coral bikini top and shorts. Her boys didn't seem too concerned as they played up in front of the camera and yelled: "Photo bomb!With a deep tan, sun-kissed blonde hair and a beaming grin, Brit is undeniably looking better than ever.

Now the former Internet sensation / porn not-such-a-sensation Chris Crocker is a model for American Apparel.

He posted a few pics on his Tumblr, and the American Apparel site has some more images as well.

No one has played around with gender quite like Chris Crocker.

He's a true testament that what we see on the outside is not always what's happening on the inside.

How about we start by defining what gender means to you?

Gender is how you see yourself on the inside, in your mind's eye. Even being sure that I'm female on the inside, there are still so many umbrellas for you to fall under in the gender spectrum. When I started dressing like a guy aesthetically, I wanted to live that way for a little while to see if I felt comfortable.

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