Christian dating the shocking truth

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I’ve talked to hundreds of people about Islam throughout my lifetime and inevitably, the conversation always leads to marriage. This is not something Muslim men should be proud of.

I would hope that any Muslim considering marrying a non-Muslim will abandon that idea immediately and instead focus on marrying chaste, believing Muslim women.Any Muslim living in the West has surely come across many examples of mixed marriages in Islam.By this I don’t mean a black person marrying a white person, or an Arab marrying a Pakistani. The kind of mixed marriages I’m talking about are when a Muslim marries a non-Muslim.The most common case is when a Muslim man marries a non-Muslim woman.However, there are several (albeit a much smaller percentage) cases of Muslim women marrying non-Muslim men. First of all, marrying non-Muslim women is not a privilege.Too often, Muslim men are quick to jump into a marriage with a non-Muslim woman and ignores these rules.

This usually happens when a Muslim man gets involved in a sexual relationship with a Christian woman they are going to school or working with.

And these relationships often start off on the wrong foot also.

There are basically two types of mixed marriages: Halal (permissible), and Haraam (forbidden).

Halal mixed marriages occur when a Muslim men marry chaste, Christian or Jewish women.

All other types of mixed marriages are forbidden and are not considered marriages at all in Islam.

In fact, they are actually (fornication), and sinful.

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