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Below are archived posts from the Mr Excel Message Board about Microsoft Excel VBA.

The popular standard, used most often with the free Adobe® Reader® software. Summarizing Data Using Subtotals 353 Summarizing Data Using Functions 354 Using Date & Time Functions 356 New! Maintaining and Repairing Office 458 16 Expanding Excel Functionality 459 Adding and Inserting Apps for Office 460 New! Saving or Printing in Office Web Apps 510 Co-authoring Documents with Office Web Apps 512 New! This e Book requires no passwords or activation to read. Checking Compatibility 28 Checking Accessibility 29 Documenting Workbook Properties 30 Switching Views 31 Recovering a Workbook 32 Closing a Workbook and Exiting Excel 34 New! Creating Groups and Outlines 335 Converting Text to Columns 336 Adding Data Validation to a Worksheet 337 Creating a Drop-Down List 338 11 Building More Powerful Worksheets 339 Using Data Analysis Tools 340 Using the Euro Conversion 341 Looking at Alternatives with Data Tables 342 Asking “What If” with Goal Seek 343 Creating Scenarios 344 Using Solver 346 Using Inquire Tools 348 New! Viewing and Managing Add-ins 462 Loading and Unloading Add-ins 464 New! We customize your e Book by discreetly watermarking it with your name, making it uniquely yours. 2 Basic Workbook Skills 35 Making Label Entries 36 Selecting Cells 37 Selecting Rows, Columns, and Special Ranges 38 Entering Labels on a Worksheet 40 Entering Values on a Worksheet 42 Entering Values Quickly with Auto Fill 44 Inserting Content with Flash Fill 46 New! Enhancing a Workbook with VBA 466 Viewing the Visual Basic Editor 468 Setting Developer Options 469 Understanding How Macros Automate Your Work 470 Recording a Macro 471 Creating a Macro 472 Running a Macro 473 Controlling a Macro 474 Adding a Digital Signature to a Macro Project 476 Assigning a Macro to a Toolbar or Ribbon 477 Saving a Workbook with Macros 478 Opening a Workbook with Macros 479 Inserting Active X Controls 480 Using Active X Controls 482 Setting Active X Control Properties 483 Adding VBA Code to an Active X Control 484 17 Working Online with Office Documents 485 Working Online with Share Point and Sky Drive 486 New! Saving and Opening on Share Point or Sky Drive 490 New! The popular standard, used most often with the free Adobe® Reader® software. Editing Cell Contents 48 Clearing Cell Contents 49 Understanding How Excel Pastes Data 50 Storing Cell Contents 51 Copying Cell Contents 52 Moving Cell Contents 54 Inserting and Deleting Cell Contents 56 Finding and Replacing Cell Contents 58 Correcting Cell Contents with Auto Correct 60 Inserting Information the Smart Way 62 Checking Spelling 64 Changing Proofing Options 65 Using Custom Dictionaries 66 Inserting Symbols 68 Finding the Right Words 69 Inserting Research Material 70 Translating Text to Another Language 71 Using Multiple Languages 72 Work with Touch Screens 73 New! Formatting a Pivot Table 323 Working with Pivot Table Data 324 New! This e Book requires no passwords or activation to read. Undoing and Redoing an Action 74 3 Working with Formulas and Functions 75 Understanding Formulas 76 Creating a Simple Formula 78 Creating a Formula Using Formula Auto Complete 80 Editing a Formula 82 Understanding Cell Referencing 84 Using Absolute Cell References 85 Using Mixed Cell References 86 Using 3-D Cell References 87 Naming Cells and Ranges 88 Entering Named Cells and Ranges 90 Managing Names 92 Simplifying a Formula with Ranges 94 Displaying Calculations with the Status Bar 95 Calculating Totals with Auto Sum 96 Calculating Totals with Quick Analysis 98 New! 5 Formatting a Worksheet 137 Formatting Numbers 138 Formatting Text 140 Applying Conditional Formatting 142 New! Using Slicers to Filter a Pivot Table 326 Displaying a Timeline to Filter a Pivot Table 328 New! We customize your e Book by discreetly watermarking it with your name, making it uniquely yours. Performing One Time Calculations 100 Converting Formulas and Values 102 Correcting Calculation Errors 103 Correcting Formulas 104 Auditing a Worksheet 106 Locating Circular References 107 Performing Calculations Using Functions 108 Creating Functions 109 Creating Functions Using the Library 110 New! Applying Specialized Conditional Formatting 144 New! Creating Conditional Formatting 146 Clearing Conditional Formatting 147 Managing Conditional Formatting 148 Finding Conditional Formatting 149 Creating Sparkline Formatting 150 New! Pulling Out a Pie Slice 288 Formatting Chart Data Series 289 New!

Excel 2013 On Demand is built from the ground up for today's beginning-to-intermediate-level Exceluser. Converting an Existing Workbook 14 Using Task and Window Panes 15 Moving Around the Workbook 16 New! Calculating Multiple Results 111 Using Nested Functions 112 Using Constants and Functions in Names 114 4 Modifying Worksheets and Workbooks 115 Selecting and Naming a Worksheet 116 Inserting and Deleting a Worksheet 117 Moving and Copying a Worksheet 118 Hiding and Unhiding Worksheets and Workbooks 120 Selecting a Column or Row 122 Hiding and Unhiding a Column or Row 123 Inserting a Column or Row 124 Deleting a Column or Row 125 Adjusting Column Width and Row Height 126 Freezing and Unfreezing a Column or Row 128 Splitting a Worksheet into Panes 129 Showing and Hiding Workbook Elements 130 Zooming the View In and Out 131 Creating Custom Views 132 Setting Up for Personal Templates 133 New! Changing Data Alignment 152 Controlling Text Flow 154 Changing Data Color 155 Adding Color and Patterns to Cells 156 Adding Custom Colors 157 Adding Borders to Cells 158 Formatting Tabs and Background 160 New! Formatting Chart Text 290 Formatting Line and Bar Charts 291 New! Managing Chart Templates 300 10 Analyzing Worksheet Data 301 Understanding Tables 302 Creating a Table 303 New! Creating or Modifying a Table Style 305 Formatting Table Elements 306 New!

Like every book in the On Demand Series, it teaches visually, using an easy, friendly, full-color format designed to "show you how," instead of "telling you how." But that's not all. Working with the Ribbon and Toolbars 6 Choosing Dialog Box Options 8 Using the Status Bar 9 Creating a Blank Workbook 10 New! Copying Cell Formats 161 Understanding Color Themes 162 Viewing and Applying a Theme 163 Creating Theme Colors 164 Choosing Theme Fonts 166 Choosing Theme Effects 168 Creating a Custom Theme 169 Choosing a Custom Theme 170 Applying and Creating Cell Styles 172 Modifying a Cell Style 174 Finding and Replacing Cell Formatting 176 6 Viewing and Printing Worksheets and Workbooks 177 Setting Up the Page 178 Adjusting Page Margins 180 Adding Headers and Footers 182 Inserting Page Breaks 184 Customizing Worksheet Printing 186 Setting the Print Area 188 Previewing a Worksheet 189 Printing a Worksheet and Workbook 190 Creating a PDF Document 191 Creating an XPS Document 192 7 Inserting and Modifying Graphics 193 Locating and Inserting Online Pictures 194 New! Inserting Pictures from a Sky Drive or Share Point 198 New! Changing the Chart Background 292 Enhancing a Chart 293 Editing Chart Data 294 New! Creating Calculations in a Table 307 Working with Tables 308 Removing Table Rows and Columns 310 Entering Data in a Table Using a Drop-Down List 311 Sorting Data in a Table 312 Displaying Parts of a Table with Auto Filter 314 Creating Custom Searches 315 Using Slicers to Filter a Table 316 New!

This book: * Combines step-by-step training with quick-reference material users can rely on long after they've mastered the core skills they need * Provides easy-to-follow task-based coverage of the techniques you'll use most often, presenting most tasks in just one or two pages * Offers in-depth coverage of all new MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) exam objectives, so you can use it as a study guide to enhance your job prospects or current career * Provides additional end-of-chapter workshops, plus even more hands-on projects online * Includes a complete practical troubleshooting guide * Helps you upgrade by presenting New Feature icons, plus a detailed list of new features indexed to the pages where they're covered Simply put, no other book offers beginning-to-intermediate-level Excelusers this much simplicity, usable content, flexibility, and value. Inserting a Picture from a File 199 Inserting a Picture Screen Shot 200 Adding an Artistic Style to a Picture 201 Adding a Quick Style to a Picture 202 Applying a Shape to a Picture 203 Applying a Border to a Picture 204 Applying Picture Effects 205 New! Compressing a Picture 208 Correcting a Picture 209 New! Adding 3-D Rotation Effects to a Shape 254 Creating Shadows 255 New!

 Working with Formulas and Functions in Excel 2013 Download the sample pages (includes Chapter 3 and Index) Introduction xvii 1 Getting Started with Excel 1 Starting Excel 2 New! Recoloring a Picture 210 Cropping and Rotating a Picture 212 Removing a Picture Background 214 Creating Word Art Text 215 Formatting Word Art Text 216 Applying Word Art Text Effects 218 Modifying Word Art Text Position 219 New! Aligning and Distributing Objects 256 Connecting Shapes 258 Selecting Objects Using the Selection Pane 259 Changing Stacking Order 260 Rotating and Flipping a Shape 261 Grouping and Ungrouping Shapes 262 9 Creating and Modifying Charts 265 Understanding Chart Terminology 266 New!

Creating Smart Art Graphics 220 Using the Text Pane with Smart Art Graphics 222 Modifying a Smart Art Graphic 224 Resizing a Smart Art Graphic 225 Formatting a Smart Art Graphic 226 Formatting a Shape in a Smart Art Graphic 228 Adding Pictures to a Smart Art Graphic 230 Creating an Organization Chart 231 Modifying an Organization Chart 232 8 Drawing and Modifying Shapes 233 Drawing and Resizing Shapes 234 Inserting Multiple Shapes 236 Adding Text to a Shape 237 Drawing Lines and Arrows 238 New! Choosing the Right Type of Chart 267 Creating a Chart 268 New! Moving and Resizing a Chart 272 Selecting Chart Elements 274 Changing Chart Elements 275 New!

Creating and Editing Freeforms 240 Copying and Moving Objects 241 Adding a Quick Style to a Shape 242 New!

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