Cvsweb not updating

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This release includes fixes, improvements; and new features like the new statistics options, multi-dedicated link support and polling (or batch-based) support for conntrackd; and the `-C' option for the command line interface to display the number of entries in the state and expectation tables. The Netfilter Core Team has released ulogd 2.0.0beta2.

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This release includes the support for expectation synchronization and the new nfct tool (to be used with the new cttimeout infrastructure available since Linux kernel 3.4.0).The Netfilter Core Team has released conntrack-tools-0.9.13.With regards to the command line tool, this release includes support for all the protocol helpers available in 2.6.30 that were missing so far (SCTP, UDPlite, DCCP and GRE).The daemon updates includes a fix for a memory leak that can be triggered under heavy load and if you set a hashtable in user-space that is smaller than the one in the kernel.The following list of variables should never be in the database.These patterns will be concatenated and used as a regular expressionto bypass the database lookup and look here for appropriate global settings. attempts to login using a wrong password before lock the account.

When locked, it's required to reset the password (lost password)Value resets to zero at each successfully login Set to OFF to disable this control It is recommended to use a cronjob or a scheduler task to send emails. If no cronjob is used,then user will have to wait for emails to be sent after performing an actionwhich triggers notifications.

The Netfilter Core Team has released conntrack-tools-1.2.0.

Moreover, it adds initial support for DCCP and SCTP state-synchronization.

The Netfilter Core Team has released conntrack-tools-0.9.12 that includes a new `-S' option for the command line tool and a generic infrastructure to allow using different protocols to replicate state-changes, currently unicast UDP and multicast are supported.

The Netfilter Core Team has released ulogd 2.0.0beta3.

This is another development release of ulogd2, the re-incarnation of ulogd2 that includes flow and packet accounting capabilities. The Netfilter Core Team has released conntrack-tools-0.9.10.

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