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Unfortunately, her partner, Alexandra Hedison is making waves and it is causing a lot of problems for the couple.

Jodie considers Cyd to now be her best friend but insists that the relationship is platonic. 30th print edition of National Enquirer, Alex walked in on a phone conversation and overheard Jodie telling Cyd that she loves her and that started a blow out.Foster and Bernard were also recently spotted together on a Bel-Air coffee date a Starbucks.Foster and Bernard have another child, 12-year-old son Kit.Wonder if the family has any big Mother's Day plans for Sunday?Jodie Foster seems like a no-nonsense kind of woman and so it really comes as no surprise that she isn’t about to deal with much drama in her relationship.Alex naturally accused Jodie of cheating and she of course said it’s simply not the case.

Alex is said to be totally unnerved by how close Jodie and Cyd remain and she constantly worries that she’s going to be dropped like a hot potato when Jodie decides to reunite with her ex.

Do you think that Jodie and Cyd are still hooking up, or is this really a case of two people realizing that they are better off as good friends?

Jodie Foster is reunited with her ex Cydney Bernard, just in time for Mother's Day!

The former couple and parents stepped out in Santa Monica yesterday, accompanied by their 14-year-old son, Charles.

Both ladies were dressed casually—Foster in jeans and a white button-down shirt and Bernard in khakis and matching top—as they strolled through a parking lot.

Charles sported tennis shoes, basketball shorts and black tee with the number 12 on it.

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