Cygwin updating

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Specify a version constraint to verify whether upgrades can be performed in your project, and if not why not. You can use Composer to create new projects from an existing package.This is the equivalent of doing a git clone/svn checkout followed by a "composer install" of the vendors.

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Pass it a package name, and the directory to create the project in.You can also provide a version as third argument, otherwise the latest version is used.If the directory does not currently exist, it will be created during installation.If you need to update the autoloader because of new classes in a classmap package for example, you can use "dump-autoload" to do that without having to go through an install or update.If there is no as if you were running them from the COMPOSER_HOME directory.This is merely a helper to manage a project stored in a central location that can hold CLI tools or Composer plugins that you want to have available everywhere.

This can be used to install CLI utilities globally.

Here is an example: php show monolog/monolog name : monolog/monolog versions : master-dev, 1.0.2, 1.0.1, 1.0.0, 1.0.0-RC1 type : library names : monolog/monolog source : [git] dist : [zip] 3d4e60d0cbc4b888fe5ad223d77964428b1978da license : MIT autoload psr-0 Monolog : src/ requires php php depends psr/log -t psr/log 1.0.0 Common interface for logging libraries |- aboutyou/app-sdk 2.6.11 (requires psr/log 1.0.*) | `- __root__ (requires aboutyou/app-sdk ^2.6) |- monolog/monolog 1.17.2 (requires psr/log ~1.0) | `- laravel/framework v5.2.16 (requires monolog/monolog ~1.11) | `- __root__ (requires laravel/framework ^5.2) `- symfony/symfony v3.0.2 (requires psr/log ~1.0) `- __root__ (requires symfony/symfony ^3.0) command tells you which packages are blocking a given package from being installed.

This is a simple script for Macs that will update your cygwin mirror using rsync while you are sleeping.

It installs a simple service (via launchd) which downloads the latest and runs rsync for the architecture of your choice.

file in the current directory, it will use the exact versions from there instead of resolving them.

This ensures that everyone using the library will get the same versions of the dependencies.

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    Unless you have A Very Good Reason you shouldn't be installing obsolete versions because they might contain bugs, possibly even security bugs.

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