D link validating identity message

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Follow the steps outlined in this procedure to verify that an identity service installation is functioning correctly.

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The back-end API can be accessed on ( Authentication API.azurewebsites.net/) and both are hosted on Microsoft Azure, for learning purposes feel free to integrate and play with the back-end API with your front-end application.In this tutorial I’m using Visual Studio 2013 and .Net framework 4.5, you can follow along using Visual Studio 2012 but you need to install Web Tools 2013.1 for VS 2012 by visiting this link. API { public class Startup { public void Configuration(IApp Builder app) { Http Configuration config = new Http Configuration(); Web Api Config. Use Web Api(config); } } } What we’ve implemented above is simple, this class will be fired once our server starts, notice the “assembly” attribute which states which class to fire on start-up.Now create an empty solution and name it “Angular JSAuthentication” then add new ASP. The “Configuration” method accepts parameter of type “IApp Builder” this parameter will be supplied by the host at run-time.NET; the reason for doing so that we’ll configure the server to issue OAuth bearer token authentication using Owin middleware too, so setting up everything on the same pipeline is better approach. NET Identity system which is built on top of Owin middleware and we’ll use it to register new users and validate their credentials before generating the tokens.As I mentioned before our back-end API should accept request coming from any origin, not only our front-end, so we’ll be enabling CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing) in Web API as well for the OAuth bearer token provider.

So in this post we’ll cover step by step how to build the back-end API, and on the next post we’ll cover how we’ll build and integrate the SPA with the API.

Enough theories let’s get our hands dirty and start implementing the API!

The API supports CORS and accepts HTTP calls from any origin.

You can check the source code for this tutorial on Github.

As I stated before we’ll use token based approach to implement authentication between the front-end application and the back-end API, as we all know the common and old way to implement authentication is the cookie-based approach were the cookie is sent with each request from the client to the server, and on the server it is used to identify the authenticated user.

With the evolution of front-end frameworks and the huge change on how we build web applications nowadays the preferred approach to authenticate users is to use signed token as this token sent to the server with each request, some of the benefits for using this approach are: The front-end SPA will be built using HTML5, Angular JS, and Twitter Bootstrap. NET Web API 2 on top of Owin middleware not directly on top of ASP.

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