Dating a recovering anorexic

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Relationship Skills for Those in Eating Disorder Recovery: Assertiveness, Boundaries and Communication Contributed by Kathleen Someah, New Dawn Treatment Centers Establishing and maintaining healthy relationships can prove challenging for even the most seemingly healthy individuals.As children, we are taught to construct boundaries concerning our bodies and our psyche.

However, this task can become particularly difficult and even terrifying for someone recovering from an eating disorder.If your partner suffers from anorexia and bulimia, they likely need professional help. But a couple struggling with the effects of the pressures of an eating disorder may need a little outside help.Though eating disorders are more frequently reported in women than in men, they occur among both genders.The most commonly seen are anorexia (starvation) and bulimia (binge eating and purging food).There are many reasons that people struggle with these disorders, which include, but are not limited to: Also note that people who are dealing with eating disorders often become preoccupied — even obsessed — with food, and can feel overwhelmed in situations where food is presented or is the focus; for example, a date night at a restaurant or a birthday party with cake, where they might feel they'll be "forced" to eat. Watching these things happen to someone you love is difficult, but don't become a "food cop" and intrude into your partner's eating habits, force-feed them, punish them with a lack of emotional support, or threaten to leave. A better plan is to have a conversation about what you're noticing and to suggest third-party professional help.Find out what support your community may have by calling local hospitals and treatment facilities, and be willing to go with your partner to establish treatment.

You may want to consider a support group for yourself, too.

can trigger a downward spiral or feelings of a lack of emotional control that feed the compulsion to control body weight. A major issue for the partner of a person who battles an eating disorder is often the decreased desire for intimacy.

How one sees their own body becomes a major problem, and negative comments or jokes can contribute to extreme behavior. Instead of feeling supportive and wanting to help, many partners feel rejected and unloved.

Join us on July 28, 2016 at PM EST for a Webinar on “Neurobiology and Eating Disorders” with Special Guest: Walter H. D., Director, Eating Disorders Program Professor, UCSD Department of Psychiatry.

Information Join us on August 18, 2016 at PM EST for a Google Hangout on “Back to School and Body Comparison” with Special Guest: Adrienne Ressler, LMSW, CEDS, Fiaedp.

Adrienne is Vice President, Professional Development, for The Renfrew Center Foundation.

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