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Finding yourself on a number of first dates can be repetitive, but keeping positive and having a smile on your face will work wonders.You'll appear open and friendly, which will put your date at ease and help the conversation flow.

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Marathon your favourite series or see how many Lord Of The Rings you can fit into one day... Plan a mandate: Plan a day out with your single mates... Check time out to see what's on, or head to the theatre for a macho movie*.Think along the lines of Deadpool, The Revenant etc.3.Buy yourself a present: While your lovesick friends are spending big to impress their ladies, you can treat yourself to the latest video game or tech gadget you've been lusting over. Throw a party: Get some music, mixers and have a party for all your single friends.You never know, you could meet that special someone while busting some moves in your living room5.Try something new: Just because you are single this Valentine's Day it doesn't mean you can't head out on a date.Get yourself to a singles eventhappening all around the country – Take your friends, or go it alone! The first date should be short, sweet and cheap: A quick drink or coffee provides a natural opportunity to get to know each other, without the risk of awkward first-date silences.

Don't try too hard to impress early on – just be yourself and save the grand gestures for later dates7.

Smile loads, don't take it too seriously: It sometimes takes a while for you to find a person you gel well with – especially when first date nerves get in the way!

Not many people have thought about those who are not in a relationship.

Hence, IBTimes UK spoke to Speed Dater's Dani Waller aka The Date Whisperer, who offered ten 10 tips that will help singles have a great and memorable Valentine's Day this year.

The love advocate runs a free online dating consultancy and has claimed to have matched over 40,000 singles in the UK.

Based on her experience, she has shared some top tips for single men and women to enjoy a stress-free Valentine's Day. Log on to Netflix and chill: Spend the day glued to the couch deciding carefully between Netflix and Amazon.

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