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This dish is an example of Southern Thai cooking, which makes use of a broader array of spices and herbs than most Thai curries.

You'll find the flavors are so lovely, and the textures of the vegetables make it so satisfying, there is no need or desire for meat.And because there are beans in this dish, the combination of curry and rice makes for a complete protein with all the amino acids you need to be healthy and happy.As a Thai chef, I've been making Tom Yum Soup for over twenty years now, tweaking the recipe to make it better and better.When I first sipped this incredible soup, I was overcome by the almost intoxicating flavors of lemongrass, garlic, lime, coconut milk and chili combined in a chicken stock base and topped up with shrimp.Spicy serrano chiles and a touch of citrus juice adds an Ecuadorian touch to this take on a classic Southern shrimp and grits recipe.Try using quick cooking grits and dinner can be on the table super quick.

A favorite curry at our house, this vegetarian lentil curry in true Thai style is comforting and richly flavored.

It features the meaty texture of green lentils (with lots of protein), plus garden vegetables served with savory coconut rice for a true dinner treat your loved ones will rave about!

A sumptuous dish that should not be missed for any ardent Thai food lover.

It's usually quite spicy with red chili scattered throughout or sometimes added on top.

In addition, it's common to serve this dish with rice and a fried egg as in the photo.

If you're ready to take on an authentic Thai street dish, give this one a whirl - you won't be disappointed!

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