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In fact, following the fires, a decision was made not to rebuild these towns.” South West WA is one of the most fire prone regions of the world, says Bushfire CRC: South-west Western Australia is one of the most fire-prone regions in the world due to the combination of a Mediterranean-type climate with hot dry summers and the presence of large areas of flammable native vegetation.

The ecological implications of prescribed burning, however, remain contentious.Ten separate fires began in the same area near Dwellingup.They wiped 60 year old small timber towns off the map, and razed 123 houses. The fires of 1961 in South West Western Australia: “Temperatures soared to 41C and winds of 60km/hr whipped” the South West.Over the next 41 days, fires continued to burn, destroying 160 buildings and burning through hundreds of thousands of hectares of land (134,000 hectares in the Dwellingup Fire, but 1.5 million hectares burned in SW WA that summer -PDF ). “Dwellingup sustained considerable damage and had to be virtually rebuilt.Not so lucky were the small mill communities of Holyoake, Nanga Brook, Marrinup and Banksiadale which were literally wiped off the map.The response to the 1961 devastation was to have a Royal Commission, get radio equipment, and do better prescribed burning.

Prescribed burning in WA became a serious ongoing practice after these shocking 1961 fires and continued until the mid 1990s, but has been reduced in the last two decades. A group called Bush Fire Front (BFF) describe problems with forest management in WA, pointing out that there were not many major problems from 1962 – 1985 because WA had such an active fire management plan.

It was tested when Cyclone Alby swept through WA in April 1978 with winds of up to 130km hour, the lightning igniting as many as 65 wildfires.

Fires this week in South West WA have caused two deaths, burned 72,000 hectares and destroyed 143 homes, wiping out 80% Yarloop.

But it’s all happened before, and the fires were bigger, worse, and burned a larger area.

The ABC have described the infamous fires of 1961 before, but there doesn’t seem to be any mention of the history of these historic fires in their current news. No one at the $1 billion dollar agency did the internet search that an unfunded blogger did.

In January 1961 the remnants of cyclones meant dry thunderstorms lit fires in the hot dry South West of Western Australia.

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