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We were all given stickers with numbers on as we entered and told if we found the person with the same number as us, we got a free shot. I am not that girl that doesn’t realise these things, so I switched to friend mode for the rest of the day and actually really enjoyed the company of him and his friend… As far as romantic goes, I’d say that’s about as romantic as a wet fish in the face.

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When Valentines Day rolled around, I traveled over 1 hour to meet him in Paris for him to be 15 minutes late, point to the Starbucks across the street and say “shall we? So off we go to Starbucks for our “day date” for an awkward hour of conversation and then the worst thing possible happened. However, that evening French dude called me and proceeded to tell me how much he liked me. Nonetheless, I decided to throw myself into this dating thing and we began 4 weeks of awkward phone calls where he struggled to understand my accent, called me for 3 hours every night and had me accompany him to work. So when French dude said it I told him I didn’t want him to call me that again, the look of horror on his face was indescribable. I exchanged this story briefly with Amy from Creatrice Mondial and it turns out she has a few of her own and we decided this was post material too good to miss!If this dude is carrying a bouquet of flowers every day, where’s the space for him to spontaneously bring home dinner and how is he possibly going to get through the doors at Tiffany, one handed, to buy you some jewellery?Before I start my story, I want to state I was pretty vulnerable when I decided to date this idiot because I still had feelings for Dan but we lived in different countries.So for the record, this French dude was a short lived, rebound guy.I met French dude at an Erasmus party in Paris, which is a party for non-French speakers who come to France to study, au pair or whatever else they are doing that is escaping life in their home country. Now, I know what you are thinking at this point and yes, I thought the same, I’d totally misread the signals and he just wanted to be friends or was no longer interested. And with that and an awkward walk to the train station afterwards, I vowed not to see or speak to him ever again. I’ve always had this impression of French men that they are romantic, sexy and whisper sweet, French nothings to you but I think this is a pretty skewed perception of how it really is.

Well let me tell you, it is not at all how they make out it’s going to be ladies.

I won’t lie, out of all the countries I’ve lived in so far, France had the most amount of men walking down the street with a bouquet of flowers in tow.

To me that it pretty romantic but when I started thinking about it some more, I realised that if this is the way 90% of French men show affection where’s all the rest of the special things?

So now I will hand you over to hear some stuff that is a little more romantic and some other stuff which is just downright hilarious. I don’t know who “they” are, but “they” must move in a different circle than I. Now don’t get me wrong, the French can be incredibly romantic when they choose to be.

And for the perfect evening, or that wonderful afternoon… So solicitous, so able to woo you off your ballet flats. We made eye contact and laughed as a large group of rugby players came in and started stealing chairs from our tables.

Case in point: the most romantic date I had with a French was a trip to the palace of Versailles. On the back of his motorcycle, along the Seine as the Eiffel Tower faded into the distance. There’s an alter ego though, which unfailingly provides comic relief in the trials and tribulations of trying to date one of these confusing creatures. Within the first 2 minutes of meeting we were “together”, within 10 minutes I met some of his family, and by 15 he was gone.

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