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John Keegan, world-renowned dating coach and relationship expert, teaches you the authentic way to attract, date, and find love anywhere.As New York City's premiere dating coach, John empowers men and women to have fulfilling dating lives and relationships with themselves and others.

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Think about how you feel when a man goes down on you. Don't take it personally, and don't use confrontation. There could be a million things going through his mind. You head down south, and suddenly you realize his penis is about as erect as a noodle that's been thrown against the wall to see if it's cooked. When a man goes into his head he's worrying about whether he'll please you, whether he smells OK, or whether you're enjoying yourself. So let’s go through three things you can do to help him relax. There’s (Probably) Nothing Wrong With His Mechanics The main problem is in his mind. The first thing to be very aware of is that he knows exactly what's going on down there. The more he gets into his big head, the more his little head is going to fail.So, the first thing you need to do when you suspect your man is suffering from anxiety induced erectile dysfunction, is to look at him while you're going down on him and say this: "Is there anything you'd really like me to do? Instead, ask him if he'd like a break, or if he wants to try something different.

I'm willing to do whatever turns you on." Get him to relax. It could be that a break in the tension will be enough to relax him and get him out of his thoughts.

Most of the time he'll be terrified that the longer this continues the more chance he has of losing you.

Make sure you give him plenty of reassurance, and let him know you love him. Give Him Time A lot of guys who suffer from erection problems have emotional issues in the background which they need to deal with. Most the problem is mental, and with time his little head will start working as soon as his big head is back in the game. All you can do is focus his mind on relaxing, being present, and enjoying the moment, rather than thinking about the mechanics of what's happening.

For women who have only ever been with men who could get hard on command, it can be a confusing and worrying issue. Take the pressure right off him, and it won't be long before his manhood is back in full working order.

Maybe you’re dating a woman already, but you’re not sure if she’s right for you…

Are you worried about a big first date you have coming up?

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