Dns reverse lookup not updating

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It looks like "prod01.bidrodeo.com" isn't listed as an MX for the domain "bidrodeo.com", and that's going to cause problems with some anti-spam techniques.

If you have examples of some of the rejections and have questions about them link them to the question. Most SMTP servers will accept your mail if you simply have a reverse DNS entry.It does not have to match the domain name on your e-mail address.Some SMTP servers will reject mail if the reverse DNS doesn't match the HELO/EHLO hostname used in the connection. That server, however, could be providing service for example.com, joes-example.com, and without any problems.Some other things to consider would be publishing an SPF record in the DNS for the domain name you use to send mail to identify the IP space you send from. I have checked everything I can check, and I can find nothing different in the R1 or R2 schools that are and are not working. Some of the servers will not update the Reverse Lookup zones and as you can imagine spiceworks is upset about this.

I have both R1 and R2 servers that will and will no update RL Zones, can someone point me in the right direction to try and figure this out?

I started a new service and we need to send emails to our customers (new account confirms, etc).

My server is known as prod01.and resolves to .

For reverse DNS, resolves to prod01..

However, all our email addresses are in the form of [email protected] My emails are getting delayed or rejected by certain systems and i am not sure if my reverse DNS is not set up correctly.

What you've got is "forward confirmed reverse DNS"-- that is, the named returned by reverse-look-up, when run thru a forward look-up, returns the same IP as the original IP used in the reverse look-up (see for the more verbose description). The rejection messages are your best source of information about why your emails are being rejected.

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