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An epic analysis of the American motion picture industry and the development of film genres that combines rare archival film, key scenes from immortal movies, interviews with leading filmmakers and commentary from noted film scholars and critics. DVD 2417 In this first ever comprehensive history of animation worldwide, animated hosts Professor Elderberry and Horace introduce clips from 160 animated films from 26 countries as they discuss the most significant animated films of the past 100 years. Interviewees: Jennifer Baichwal, Manfred Becker, Michel Brault, Nick Broomfield, Joan Churchill, Eduardo Coutinho, Paul Cowan, Jean-Xavier de Lestrade, Jennifer Fox, Patricio Guzman, Werner Herzog, Scott Hicks, Heddy Honigmann, Sylvain L'Espérance, Jean Pierre Lledo, Kim Longinotto, Albert Maysles, Errol Morris, Stan Neumann, Alanis Obomsawin, Laura Poitras, Velcrow Ripper, Hubert Sauper, Rakesh Sharma, Barry Stevens, Sabiha Sumar, Nettie Wild, Peter Wintonick, Jessica Yu. Contents: Free cinema -- Leacock's lessons -- Working history -- Engineering art -- Camera as eye -- Active eye -- Absolute truth -- Verite direct -- Schmeering truth -- Art vs. Interviews with modern noir aficionados like directors Christopher Nolan and Frank Miller, writers James Ellroy and Brian Helgeland and others, shape this multifaceted exploration of the movie style that grew out of the hard realities of post-World War II life.Knife-weilding murderers, buxom teens fleeing for theirlives, the undead limping across streets. Gobehind-the-scenes with filmmaker greats as they revealtheir inspirations for some of the most disturbinglygruesome films that have emerged on screen. Contents: Scene excerpts: Bride of Frankenstain (1935) -- Thebrood (1979) -- The crazies (1973) -- Dawn ofthe dead (1978) -- Dracula (1931) -- Frankenstein(1931) -- The fun house (1981) -- Halloween (1978) --Maniac (1980) -- It came from outter space (1953) --Last house on the left (1972) -- Night of the livingdead (1968) -- Rabid (1977) -- Scanners (1981) --Shivers (1975) -- The Texas chainsaw massacre (1974) --Videodrome (1983) -- White Zombie (1932) -- Thewolfman (1941). They also demonstrate different animation techniques including pin screen, pixillation, rotoscope, and cutout and puppet animation. truth -- Dramatic conflict -- Politics of truth -- Subjective objectivity -- Living words -- The gaze -- Cutting truth -- Legacy -- Truth and consequences -- Fiction or faction -- Verite goes Hollywood -- Verite soap -- Re/processed verite -- Chimera verite -- Witness to the world. Special features: 5 vintage "Crime does not pay" series shorts: Forbidden passage / director, Fred Zinnemann (1941, 21 min.) -- A gun in his hand / director, Joseph Losey (1945, 19 min.) -- The luckiest guy in the world / director, Joseph M. DVD X5311 Interviews with John Carpenter, Wes Craven, Rob Zombie, Tom Savini.

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Includes a bonus disc with over four hours of additional filmmaker interviews. Rich in excerpts from verite classics with commentary by filmmakers, this is the first film to capture all the excitement of a revolution that changed movie-making forever, with its influences on everything from TV news to music videos to Webcams. DVD 4365; also VHS Video/C 7004 A fascinating look at the film noir genre including clips from noir classics and little-known gems. Arranged thematically to provide a chronological overview of the process-- from why filmmakers make documentaries, to how they find their ideas, to how they work in the editing suite. They wanted to show life as it really is: raw, gritty, dramatic. It's a story told from the inside by those who lived it and from the outside by film historians. The issues confronted are such important ones as finding a topic, the effect the camera has on subjects and restaging sequences for ones film. DVD X2185 The cinema verite (or direct cinema) movement of the 1950's and 60's was driven by a group of rebel filmmakers tired of stilted documentaries. Intolerance -- The wanderer --King of Kings (1927) -- Noah's ark -- Sign of the cross -- The crusades -- Susan and God -- Song of Bernadette -- Samson and Delilah -- Fabiola -- Quo Vadis -- David and Bathsheba -- Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima. Interviews with key writers and filmmakers of the genre map out the history of science fiction while clips from a selection of popular films visually demonstrate an "image of the future." Dist.: Films Media Group. Filmmaker (and Harry's granddaughter) Cass Warner Sperling tells a story of sibling rivalry, social conscience, and the silver screen. The "superstars" include cinema verité master Albert Maysles and Werner Herzog, Errol Morris, and Patricio Guzman. The robe -- The Egyptian -- Theprodigal -- Ten Commandments -- Ben Hur -- Solomon and Sheba -- Story of Ruth -- Esther and the King-- Spartacus -- King of Kings (1961) -- Gospel according to St. This documentary presents a complete look at the history of this motion picturegenre through the use of extensive film trailers andthe words of directors, producers and stars who comment on how the films were made, why they were sopopular, and how they launched the careers of some of Hollywood's biggest stars. This documentary looks at science fiction classic films and novels, pulp fiction, B movies, and the special-effects wizardry of science fiction adventure epics. Video/C 7391 Harry, Albert, Sam, and Jack, the Warner brothers, turned a storefront into a dream factory. DVD X3156 Thirty-three documentarians offer reflections on making documentary films in this informative primer on the genre. De Mille -- thepioneer of epic film directors, and the man whos tarted Hollywood's long history of Biblical-themed extravaganzas. Video/C 9318 Commentary: Robert Silverberg, Paul Verhoeven, Arthur Clarke, Mark Kermode, Geoff Ryman, John Clute, Brisn Aldiss, Dick Jude, J. Ballard, Kim Stanley Robinson, Karen Joy Fowler, Octavia Butler, Dan O'Bannon, Bob Burns, John Brosnan, Robert Wise, William Gibson, Neal Stephenson.

Newman (1940, 22 min.) -- You, the people / director, Roy Rowland (1940, 21 min.). Includes in-depth interviews with actors, directors, producers and writers; shock scenes from over 40 classic films; behind-the-scene home movies; and more. Guides you through a series of gruesome scenes from classic films and recent hits. DVD 8056 This documentary traces the history of the B-Western from it's silent movie origins to its demise in the early 1950s, when television began to bring this genre into homes on a regular weekly basis.

Based on the book "Going to pieces: the rise and fall of the slasher film" by Adam Rockoff. The film contains a large number of scenes from early silents and seldom seen films, as well as old photographs of the stars and one-sheet advertisements for lost films. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson, Gene Autry, Ward Bond, William Boyd, Walter Brennan, Johnny Mack Brown, Yakima Canutt, Harry Carey, Andy Devine, Dale Evans, John Ford, Clark Gable, Hoot Gibson, William S. DVD 8574 With its roots in the pulpy crime novels of the 1920s and 30s, Giallo cinema or Italian horror cinema, as it's more commonly known, first emerged in the late 1960s. DVD 8604 One of the most comprehensive films about the Hollywood musical ever produced.

Hart, Raymond Hatton, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Herb Jeffries, Ben Johnson, Tom Mix, Roy Rogers, Jane Russell, Randolph Scott, John Wayne. Following the neo-realists, the giallo films represented a radical break with Italy's cinematic past. Shirley Jones hosts this entertaining and historical document illustrated by film clips and interviews.

This documentary presents an informative historical overview of the giallo genre, exploring its genesis and chronicling the films, directors, and personalities that made up its golden age. This celebration of song and dance begins with Busby Berkeley's exquisite black and white choreographed extravaganzas that lightened the dark days of the Depression, continues through the rousing wartime songfests into the heyday of the great MGM spectaculars, and on to the present day, exploring recent smash hits like Chicago and Dreamgirls. 120 min.): Q&A with Shirley Jones and director Mark Mc Laughlin, unedited interviews and stories, rare archival behind-the-scenes footage from films like Dames, Can-Can, Oliver, Thoroughly modern Millie and Funny girl; plus the premieres of Camelot, The king and I and more.

Includes interviews with a fascinating group of filmmakers who redefined the horror genre and forever changed the way we think of horror films. Commentary: Pat Boone, Leslie Caron, Bilol Condon, Walt Disney (archival), Joel Crey, Shirley Jones, Joan Leslie, Shirley Mac Laine, Liza Minnelli, Rita Moreno, Eddie Murphy, Robert Osborne, John C. DVD X430 Presents a documentary about guerrilla horror filmmakers and the bizarre culture that drives them to pursue their dreams.

Reilly, Ann Reinking, Debbie Reynolds, Smokey Robinson, Mickey Rooney, Jane Russell, Gloria Stuart, John Travolta, Renee Zellweger, Catherine Zeta-Jones. Something that musicals do -- The dawn of an era -- The 1940s, rallying the country -- The majestic MGM -- The 1950s, a golden age -- The end of an era -- Bob Fosse and the 1970s -- Musicals was a dirty word -- Musicals in the new millennium -- Epilogue. In 2003, filmmaker Christopher Garetano began what would become a two-year journey to discover what possesses people to become horror filmmakers, traveling all over the U. to visit independent filmmakers on and off their sets. DVD X3169 Series chronicling how comedy has defined the nation's character with commentary by film historians, comedians, writers and producers, spotlighting comedians through the generations who broke the rules to advance the genre. DVD X828 Episode one focuses on the comedy type "The misfit" and includes clips by silent film legend Harold Lloyd, Bob Hope, Phyllis Diller, Jonathan Winters, Andy Kaufman, Robin Williams, Cheech & Chong, Woody Allen and Steve Martin.

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