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Shortly after Stacey’s post went live, one of the most amazing video bloggers I’ve ever seen, got in touch with me requesting to make an appearance right here on DIYB. His Three Critical Mistakes That Will KILL Your Video post was one of the most useful posts for video bloggers I’ve ever seen.

She later come in with another strong post that really shows of her blogging chops as well as the balls to questions the status quo. Since that first post, Stacey has become the Managing Editor here on DIYB, and has quickly become my right-hand man.Its not an exaggeration when I say that there is NO WAY I would be able to bring you a new post 5 times a week without her.Thnx Stacey More awesomeness from Stacey And just in case you had any doubt that this girl has a giant set of brass balls; in her latest post she calls out a well established blogger on his shit.Stacey was not only a trailblazer AND my right-hand man (yes, I know she’s a lovely girl) but she was also my own personal Kokopelli; a harbinger of great things to come.For a couple of months now, I’ve featured many up and coming (and some well established) bloggers here on DIYB. On a bright side, it has given me an incredible platform in terms of access to bloggers. While Triberr has given me an amazing reach (over half a million Twitter followers via my tribes), it has left me with almost no time to actually relish in that reach.

Which is why I’ve asked few of my favorite bloggers to chip in and help out with guest posts. The second reason DIYB is changing is…well, I have a vision for DIYB.

The only criteria that posts will be judged on is their awesomeness.

If it’s useful, actionable, interesting, fascinating, dangerous, honest and new, DIYB -and my reach- is yours.

I’ve written an extensive, 5 page submission guideline document for guest posts on DIYB. If you have something valuable to share on the subjects of technology, creativity and marketing, and would like to contribute to DIYB, send me an email at dino.dogan at gmail and I will send you the entire document with detailed guidelines.

The very first guest post on DIYB is from the one and only Stacey Herbert.

Stacey is a new blogger, but you couldn’t tell that based on her comments and traffic stats she got when she published her How To Lose Your Blogging Virginity Like a Slut post.

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