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Chocka, after being involved in the club from 1968 to 1972 moved around with work and study commitments – including a spell overseas.

To show how Chocka is different, he always answers my phone calls and ignores everyone else’s. Chocka attended Adelaide Boys High and then while working for the National Bank (now known, of course as the NAB), was offered a chance to study for an economics degree.After graduating with honours, it was noticed by a NAB employee of his incredible maths ability and they asked Chocka if he really wanted to work in a bank?Chocka realised he didn’t, and to the NAB’s credit they let Chocka go, and through his friendship with Professor Geoff Harcourt, the Prof helped Chocka get some work lecturing at Adelaide Uni in the commerce department.Professor Harcourt also suggested Adelaide Uni’s football club appoint Chocka as assistant coach of the club – including being coach of the A2 side in 1968.We’re eternally grateful to the Prof for getting Chocka to the club.Fred became involved in the Student Union, and was Chairman in 1971 and ’72.

He was also in a Uni Jazz band – playing the guitar.

Chocka’s musical talents were later put to use in arranging the lyrics to the club song to the timeless classic But it is his role and involvement becoming the head administrator, spiritual leader, guru, tribal elder and overall most important person in the World’s Greatest Footy Club – the Adelaide University Football Club – which I wish to expand on.

I turned up at Adelaide University FC in 1984 and quickly developed a close friendship with our football co-ordinator Fred ‘Chocka’ Bloch.

The Blacks are the largest football club in the country, currently having nine senior sides with Chocka being the key person in the club’s history.

As maths and science students would appreciate, he’s therefore the most important person in the history of the game.

It has been a pleasure to be Chocka’s right hand man.

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