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Anyway, you should really get to chatting now, if you're lucky you might even catch me on the roulette as well ;) Okay, so clearly you still aren't satisfied with what you've read so far about our amazing video chat room site.

Maybe you'll even run into some people in full on costumes, the possibilities are absolutely endless. Our Chatroulette alternative can't wait forever you know, it needs some action!Hello, and welcome to one of the best chat sites like Chatroulette available on the internet.We pride ourselves on giving you the best user experience possible, which means keeping our server online and fast, and keeping plenty of people available at all times for you to have fun chatting with!Here you should find plenty of new and fun personalities to meet and greet, and hopefully turn some of those meetings into lasting friendships.But even if you don't, you can at least say you tried!Don't be a quitter before you've even tried, that's just lame and totally not cool.

Compared to other random chat sites, we rank high up on the list because of our high quality platform and the great selection of connections available here to you.

But don't take my word for it, if you haven't already given it a try you should really get on that, rather than reading this boring random blurb I felt like writing for a really random reason.

But then again, everything about this site is supposed to be random anyway, so I guess what I'm writing right here fits in perfectly, phew.

Think of it like a frusterated person on the rebound who just can't get any action to save their life, only it's a video cam chat site, and it needs some loving too, like seriously.

An unused video chat app might as well not exist at all!

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