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= new Date(); Time((new Date()).value Of() - 1000*60*60*24*90); self.new_streams = (Full Year() * 10000 + (Month()+1) * 100 + Date()); self.bwidth = window.inner Width; = { 'won_list' : { id : 'won_list', perpage : 60, rowcount: 9, curpage : 1, sortby : 'F', filter : function (element, index, array) { return ( element['s'] == 'Cams Exclusive' || ( element['r'] ! root+'_640.jpg' : won_domain+'/images/streamray/streams/''_640.gif'; var mystream_id = '' ! '' : ' '; // T - denotes that stream would be otherwise not shown, cuz of banned country or state if (['T'] == 1 && mystream_id/1 ! won_domain+'/images/streamray/streams/''_640.gif' : ( == 1 ) ?

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username[1] : ''; } function prepopulate Reg Form(){ document.forms.register.

The pages of this website contain explicit pornographic material and are not suitable for minors.

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