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Cookies were originally invented by Netscape to give 'memory' to web servers and browsers.The HTTP protocol, which arranges for the transfer of web pages to your browser and browser requests for pages to servers, is , which means that once the server has sent a page to a browser requesting it, it doesn't remember a thing about it.

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As soon as personalization was invented, this became a major problem. There are other ways to solve it, but cookies are easy to maintain and very versatile.This is very nice sometimes, at other times it may somewhat endanger your privacy. Each cookie has a that contains the actual information.Fortunately more and more browsers give you the opportunity to manage your cookies (deleting the one from the big ad site, for example). The name of the cookie is for your benefit, you will search for this name when reading out the cookie information.If you want to read out the cookie you search for the name and see what value is attached to it. Of course you yourself have to decide which value(s) the cookie can have and to write the scripts to deal with these value(s). Please note that the purpose of the domain is to allow cookies to cross sub-domains.A cookie is nothing but a small text file that's stored in your browser.It contains some data: As soon as you request a page from a server to which a cookie should be sent, the cookie is added to the HTTP header.

Server side programs can then read out the information and decide that you have the right to view the page you requested or that you want your links to be yellow on a green background.

So every time you visit the site the cookie comes from, information about you is available.

On this page I give three functions to save, read and erase cookies.

Using these functions you can manage cookies on your site.

First an introduction to cookies, and a summary of document.cookie, followed by an example.

Then come the three functions and their explanation.

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