Group dating lesson 31

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On the back of each picture I have printed the part of the story that goes along with each cut out picture. I didn't have a lot of confidence and found myself seeking whatever friends would take me.We had a group that liked video games and movies, a group that liked driving and race cars, a group that like sports and a group that liked games. The noodles were representations of people, or friends.We talked about how usually we make friends based on having similar interests as they do. These habits can be useful when directed towards the formation of a wholesome personality. We form social habits by association with our friends.

The people we choose to spend our time with contribute to molding our character. Tom Perry, in the February 1993 New Era said, "The friends we choose to associate with are main contributing factors in the formation of our character.

I have learned throughout my life that friends can have a profound impact on our lives.

I came up with 7 different sheets of paper/cut out. The pictures are numbered and I ask #1 to come up and read his part and then 2 and so on.

I love to have my children involved in the lesson because it makes them focused and they learn more when they are involved.

I had the kids name a few interests that different people may have.

I have found that the right friends have a powerful influence on your life. Make certain they will help build within you the right standards with which to govern your life." These 4 bowls of water represent different interests people may have.

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