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The other teacher informed Principal Tara Napoleoni of Maleski's endeavors, noting also that the emails included shots of him in nothing but his boxers.

The hotkey activates the equipped Hook in the player's equipment slot, or the first Hook from the inventory (reading it from left→right, top→bottom) without requiring that the Hook be in the player's hotbar.On the mobile version, dragging quickly from the player outwards casts the Hook in the drag direction.Several higher-tier Hooks, like the Ivy Whip, allow the player to grapple multiple surfaces simultaneously.If the character grapples one surface, then fires the Hook a second time, another chain extends from the player without dislodging the first.Hooks are a class of tools that aid the player in traversing terrain.When used, a chain is fired that latches a surface and hoists the player towards it.

A Hook becomes an essential tool, as it offers significant freedom from terrain height restrictions, and will often be the first major mobility aid a player acquires.

Hooks are acquired in various ways depending on their type (see table below).

Upon grappling a second surface, the player will be suspended in midair at a point midway between the two surfaces.

This allows players more freedom during construction, or for navigating hazardous areas, such as those above lava.

As shown is this image here, each hook on the Lunar Hook shines its respective color.

Solar (top) shines orange/red, Nebula (right) shines purple, Vortex (bottom) shines green, and Stardust (left) shines blue.

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