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This was done manually by drawing a line through these words.After the signing of the Reparations Agreement between Israel and West Germany in 1952, the limitation was withdrawn and passports became "valid to all countries".

Subsequently, French texts were replaced by English texts.At first they were not defined as a passport but as a travel document, this changed in 1952 when Israel began to introduce the first travel document as a passport, they began to be issued late that year.The first travel document was issued to Golda Meir, who at the time worked for the Jewish Agency and was soon to become Israel's ambassador to the USSR.The first Israeli passports bore the limitation: "Valid to any country except Germany".An Israeli citizen who wished to visit Germany had to ask that the words "except Germany" be deleted from their passport.In 2006, an Israeli passport became accepted for identification in general elections.

Until then, only an internal identity card was accepted for this purpose.

Denial or withdrawal of an Israeli passport is one of the sanctions an Israeli rabbinical court may use to enforce divorce upon a husband who chains his wife into marriage against her will (see agunah).

and entitles the bearer to the protection of Israel's consular officials overseas.

Israeli citizens are allowed to hold passports of other countries, but are required to use the Israeli passport when entering and leaving Israel.

This regulation was introduced officially in 2002, after having been legally contested on several occasions.

Israeli passports began to be issued in 1948, after the Israeli Declaration of Independence on May 14, 1948, and used Hebrew and French texts.

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