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We'd started YC because it was something we were interested in.

She can see through any kind of faker almost immediately.At first we tried to act "professional" about this, meaning we tried to conceal it.In retrospect that seems ridiculous, and we soon dropped the pretense. We all had dinner together once a week, cooked for the first couple years by me. The overall atmosphere was shockingly different from a VC's office on Sand Hill Road, in a way that was entirely for the better. Authenticity is one of the most important things YC looks for in founders, not just because fakers and opportunists are annoying, but because authenticity is one of the main things that separates the most successful startups from the rest. And the culture she defined was one of YC's most important innovations.And the fact that Jessica and I were a couple is a big part of what made YC what it was. There was an authenticity that everyone who walked in could sense. Culture is important in any organization, but at YC culture wasn't just how we behaved when we built the product. Jessica was also the mom in another sense: she had the last word.Everything we did as an organization went through her to fund, what to say to the public, how to deal with other companies, who to hire, everything. There was no real distinction between working hours and not. And while there might be some businesses that it would be tedious to let infect your private life, we liked it.November 2015A few months ago an article about Y Combinator said that early on it had been a "one-man show." It's sadly common to read that sort of thing.

But the problem with that description is not just that it's unfair. Much of what's most novel about YC is due to Jessica Livingston. Jessica and I decided one night to start it, and the next day we recruited my friends Robert Morris and Trevor Blackwell.

If you don't understand her, you don't understand YC. Jessica and I ran YC day to day, and Robert and Trevor read applications and did interviews with us.

Jessica and I were already dating when we started YC.

Her nickname within YC was the Social Radar, and this special power of hers was critical in making YC what it is.

The earlier you pick startups, the more you're picking the founders.

Later stage investors get to try products and look at growth numbers.

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