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But the folks now working those stages in New York and Los Angeles mostly respect each other -- and, at least outwardly, like each other.That certainly seems the case with Meyers and Corden.

He told me Meyers "is a great guy, a truly great guy" -- a guy who was the first person in the business to send a text congratulating Corden when he won the CBS gig in 2014.I’d like to introduce myself: I am Kelly Taylor, phone sex entrepreneur, business woman, part comedian, part “Phone Psychologist”, full-on honest, and loyal humanitarian.Over the past 18 years, I have spent time with thousands of people on the phone, discussing every possible sexual topic or circumstance one can imagine.I’ve been a fantasy playmate to most, entertained people with my personality and humor, and best of all, I became friends with quite of few.I find that nothing in life is more exciting or fun than delving into a persons mind, unlocking each thought compartment and finding out how interesting, how intriguing a person can really be.I love learning and have learned a lot, and would like to share with you all that I know.

Yes, Corden will also be on CBS at the exact same hour with his own show (he pre-taped four last week).

The juxtaposition may present a challenge for James' fans.

But not much: Viewers can easily record one show to watch later -- or catch up the next day on the best parts of the show they missed. It may be a little disappointing for viewers who loved the gut-spilling jousting tournaments of late-night's past (and even more so for journalists who wrote about them).

The two hosts first met several years ago at a dinner party and bonded over a completely unexpected connection.

They both root for the British Premiere League soccer squad from West Ham.

(James grew up there; Seth happened to randomly turn up for a game there in 1999.) For that and other reasons -- including the work duties they share with only a select circle -- they text each other somewhat regularly.

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