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LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Madison Hildebrand has a boyfriend 2013 on the new season of Million Dollar Listing, so implies Bravo this week.But who is Madison Hildebrand’s new boyfriend, who is he dating, and have they broke up?

Madison Hildebrand’s dating life heats up Million Dollar Listing 2013 season previews.I like tall, dark, and handsome [laughs].” For continuing coverage, click Why did you decide to let Patti set you up now? However I am also looking for love, so if that means I need to carve out more time and be more proactive when it comes to perusing that man . Like I said in the episode, I am just being patient, completely focused on my career, and busy. We've made efforts to reconnect but between our schedules it's been difficult. But if she's calling me a lazy lion and I disagree -- I might have to take another look at myself.In the clip, Bravo makes it appear as though Madison has found the new love of his life.

Then moments later, it appears as though Madison and his boyfriend broke up. Filming for the current season of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles was conducted in 2012.

At the time, Madison granted an interview to’s Anthony Bowles. ” Madison replied “I’m dating, but I am not dating anyone specific… Madison replied “They have to have good self-esteem and be happy within themselves.

I’m on the market and I’m actively dating but I am technically single [laughs].” It remains unclear if the news interview was conducted before or after the dating scenes filmed for this season. I think willingness to have fun and some sort of vision for life is essential. What's happening with you and Charlie now? Charlie and I have stayed in touch but I think he travels even more than I do. What did you learn from working with Patti? Patti is a friend and she's also the best at what she does.

In addition, she was willing to change the normal format and have just a few selected guys which made me feel more comfortable instead of the usual messy mixer of 20 plus. It felt like we were on a mini-vacation getting to know each other, and I really enjoyed it.

Luciano is very handsome and put together but I didn't feel all the "goooodnesss." What did you think of your date with Charlie? We had beautiful scenery, great conversations, and a very relaxed afternoon topped off with a great meal.

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