Naked girls on meetme

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Despite this, Meet Me STILL offers membership to children as young as 13.I signed up to see what the site was about, there are strict rule on showing no sexual activity or sexual photos. Saying that i get a free VIP account with credits if i click there link link and sign up for something.

Lots of fake profiles are created, and there are lots of drug use photos and posts on this site.This site is a horrid site, and the creators do a bad job at keeping it "safe" and they break there own rules. Sorry about the age thing, i had to put an age and not for children was not an option :(This site took a serious nose dive since it changed to meetme, Harassment is the norm there, and blocking does not help, while it will prevent someone from looking directly at your profile, but the blocked will see pics, statuses and comments you post on the site, so therefore they can still interact with you, I have been clearly harassed by people on this site, and then in turn have been warned for defending my self or simply telling them to stop!Guy had words I will not post here, he called me everything but a white woman, but my comment he need to take a long walk off a short pier, was deleted by staff, and I was warned, but all his comments of name calling to me and saying he wanted to give me a golden shower and slap the hell out of me while doing it, stayed!!! I often get hit on by men twice my age, even after I block them, they can still say rude things while I am trying to be friendly or funny with friends.....Also they will warn you saying you broke their rules, their rules are not clear, because I can post a pic or comment and be warned, when the same pic, and a like comment is 10 other places but stays, staff does not moderate this site!They depend on other members to click they are offended by stuff, meaning room for harassment, if someone does not like you they can tell people to report ALL your things, so the blocking not really blocking others, they can not see your profile, but they can still see ALL you do in the live feed, so they can harass you when you say innocent things, if they click they are offended, then you get warned, when in reality you done nothing wrong....i just want to say this website is a good website they came a long way. Do not under any circumstances allow your children to use this site. Members can send photos through private messaging and the majority of it is unsolicited porn.

Just like anyother chating web site please watch your kids carefully cause you never know if there is a stalker out there and noone wants there kid raped or killed i sure know i wouldnt but any way the site has lots of fun things to do and its a good place to meet new people and chat with old ones While Meet Me states that you have to be 13+ to sign up, I definitely wouldn't let your offspring sign up for Meet Me until he or she is at least 18. Abuse, harrassment and bullying is rife and there are NO checks on a members background.

Although they have the facility to report inappropriate comments and photos, absolutely NOTHING is done about it.

This site is under investigation in the State of California after complaints of child abuse were filed.

Then are the ads, there are half naked people in ads on the site, which is ok because they are getting paid for the ad....

but pics taken at the zoo a friend posted, WITH HER KIDS got removed, because her shirt had spaghetti straps, unreal!

BUT men can post pics of themselves in their boxers... Then are the robots as they are referred to on the site, that solicit men and women to pay for strictly adult sites!!!

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