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Whether the Egyptians were complicit in last month's break or whether they simply blundered in ignoring Hamas' preparations to break down the wall, they apparently want to seal the border and have someone on the 'Palestinian' side enforce some sort of reasonable border regimen with them.

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PA President Mahmoud Abbas, who is scheduled to visit Cairo Wednesday, will reiterate his opposition to giving Hamas any role at the Rafah terminal, the official said."Our position is very clear with regards to the border," the official added."Hamas must not have any representation at the border.There is only one Palestinian Authority that is headed by President Mahmoud Abbas.Hamas can't be a legitimate party to any deal because it seized power [in the Gaza Strip] through a violent coup."...There's a new bone of contention between Fatah and Hamas as Fatah is now vying for control of the access points in what will eventually be the reconstituted apartheid wall running down the middle of the city of Rafah in southern Gaza.To recapitulate the history of control of that border for the past two years, originally Israel insisted on controlling Rafah, and the entire Philadelphi corridor (that dirt path at left in the top picture) in which it sits, as a means of controlling weapons smuggling into Gaza.

The 'Palestinians' would not accept Israeli control and as a result, in November 2005, US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice , pursuant to which the Egyptians would control the border crossing and the corridor, with European monitors observing from the Egyptian side of the border. A recent World Net Daily probe found Rice's international border agreement, which called for European monitors at the Rafah crossing, is allowing terrorists to infiltrate the Gaza Strip, where they are poised to attack Israel.

That deal was a disaster for Israel from the get-go: A senior Israel security official involved in the investigation of possible al-Qaida operatives in Gaza told WND last week he fears the global group can still make its way from Sinai into the Gaza Strip due to major security lapses at the Rafah crossing following a deal brokered in November by U. WND also found the deal allows Gaza-based terrorists freedom to travel into Sinai, where they can meet with regional jihadists.

Rice's agreement, which Israel accepted reportedly after intense American pressure, restricted the Jewish state to monitor the area by camera, called for a European presence at the border station and offered the Palestinians some veto power on vehicles and persons entering Gaza.

New border rules stipulate Israel cannot restrict who leaves Gaza, but it can ask the European monitors to delay for several hours anyone crossing the border if Israel provides information indicating an entrant may be a security threat.

Israeli security officials told WND the cameras at the border are not sufficient to identify entrants, and they said the Palestinians have been failing to supply accurate and timely lists of individuals crossing into Gaza.

They charged the Palestinians have tampered with the names of entrants, accusing Palestinian border workers of deliberately disguising the personal information of terrorists crossing the border."The result," one security officials said, "is that the border between Gaza and Egypt is nonexistent.".

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