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Israeli apartheid supporters might find it shocking that in Jerusalem, Israeli soldiers walk by the Walls of the Old City near the Jaffa Gate and in the city center. Arab girls can be found on the ground, sitting and enjoying public performances, or just relaxing in Jerusalem’s public parks. Where else would a Muslim girl be seen alone in the park with boys?

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A few anti-Israel photos have been circulating for years.

The photo of a man holding a dead girl, tweeted by a UN media employee that received so much attention, is the same photo that I saw in 2008 under the caption, “Israelis kill a lot of Arab children.” This was the Google search top result for images of “people who smile a lot.” I was not smiling and later began to take pictures of real Arab girls.

First, on the hot topic of Israeli soldiers and Arab girls, only in a Bahrain street theater photo will you see a girl lying under a boot.

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