Numericupdown validating

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I am recieving this error message on a nested element. element2 is nested under element1 inside of a sequence.

In the past I've done this kind of validation by overloading the Key Press event and just removing characters which didn't fit the specification. I've looked at the Masked Text Box control but I'd like a more general solution that could work with perhaps a regular expression, or depend on the values of other controls. Ideally this would behave such that pressing a non numeric character would either produce no result or immediately provide the user with feedback about the invalid character. The only drawback with Numeric Up Down is that it provides no feedback when you enter a value outside of the Maximum or Minimum allowed values - it just changes what you've typed. A Text Box can at least allow invalid values so you can warn the user when they submit the form. Handled = true; } protected override void Wnd Proc(ref System. That's true - the user could always paste in some non-numeric characters.

You would hope that the form validation would catch that though, since at some point you're gonna want to do an Int32.

Try Parse or [email protected] Grubijan, Is Control has nothing to do with the Control key; it returns whether or not a char is a control char.

By allowing control chars, you don't break things like backspace, delete or the arrow keysthis is not a general solutions as it works only for intergers. Is Digit(c, 0)) return; if ((Selection Start == 0) && (c. Negative Sign))) return; // copy/paste if ((((int)e.

I had to implement such thing recently and i ended up with try-parsing resulting string to number and allowing input only if parsing succeeded Here is a simple standalone Winforms custom control, derived from the standard Text Box, that allows only System.

Int32 input (it could be easily adapted for other types such as System. It supports copy/paste operations and negative numbers: public class Int32Text Box : Text Box { protected override void On Key Press(Key Press Event Args e) { base.

On Key Press(e); Number Format Info fi = Culture Info.

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