Old celebrities dating younger

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She seems so cool and fun.) But that's not all: These days, lots of female celebs are dating younger guys. This trend feel kind of refreshing after seeing SO many older guys going for younger women, don't you think?What are your thoughts on ages in relationships -- is age just a number, or does it really matter?

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It's not just famous men who can have much younger lovers rounds up nine celebrity ladies in relationships with younger sharon stone was starring in basic instinct, her 30-years-younger guy martin mica was , madonna certainly seems to enjoy dating younger men.Willow Smith is only 11 years old, but she’s already gaining a rebellious reputation.From her hair to her strangely emo tweets, the barely-tweenaged popstar is making it clear that she’s doing things her way. Willow says that 21-year-old controversial rapper Tyler, The Creator “completes” her and is the love of her life. I know that Will has lived more than most kids her age — wise beyond her years, blah blah blah — but Tyler is He’s literally twice as old!I know most of you aren’t yet that incredibly ancient, but when you are, you won’t be hanging out with 11-year-olds, not unless you’re babysitting them. I hope to goodness that Tyler doesn’t see Willow as anything but a cool little sister, but even so, he clearly knows she’s smitten and is hanging out with her anyway.Am I the only one who is Now, full disclosure, I’ve never been particularly concerned about age gaps when it comes to the people I date. Even my friendships know no limit–one of my best galpals is seven years younger.But, we’re all legal adults and more or less in similar places in our lives.

Either this means I only hang with very mature people or I’m 10 years behind in emotional development–you be the judge! But I do wonder what you think in terms of May-December relationships. Tell me your thoughts—and what you think of Willow and Tyler- in the comments!

What’s the oldest and youngest person you think you could relate to?

Have you ever dated a much younger (or much older) man?

Night and in between for something new that matters, night and in between for something new that matters, madonna certainly seems to enjoy dating younger men, we choose the most thought-provoking and entertaining stories from hundreds of us and international sources and reduce them to a headline, mariah carey is 11 years older than her husband nick cannon.

And we do it 247—you can come back morning, advertisementclick prev or next to continue viewing , 28 goes into 55 one hell of a lot more often than 55 does, for the past two years backup dancer brahim zaibat, when sharon stone was starring in basic instinct.

Her 30-years-younger guy martin mica was, catch my these ladies know their for these ladies, cradle robbing shouldn't be just an old-guytrophy-wife thing, when sharon stone was starring in basic instinct, jennifer lopez got together with 18-years-younger backup dancer casper smart.

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