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You have the most important message (Black youth stay focus be educated about the facts past and present you are our future.

I've always been rather skeptical of online dating.We all lose if we all kill #justwords #juststop #ril for all that have been killed in the last 72 hours...Bless all the family's who have lost someone in this time of evil... Take ownership in the man you are and will be everyday.Message to the following (Black men this is your call to action. Black women be the strong back bone in your home the love we may not get from others.You are the key in the hearts of all we are and will be my black queens).The pain from the past still lives in the veins of the future but in order to heal the wounds that have scabbed over you have to take that bandage off to let it breathe so that all that was bad could ultimately become good again. If you gettin up everyday going to work to pay bills, cleaning your own house, driving yourself around, and aren't the head of a state you are not a Queen or King.

All black people aren't descendants of King Tut or Queen Nefertiti.

The vast majority of us are descendants of their workers and it's absolutely nothing wrong with that!

Take pride in who you really are and drop silly and false titles.

Whatever you want,” I replied, hands deep in my pockets, glancing at all the restaurants, avoiding any eye contact for fear of revealing just how nervous I was to be on a date with someone I met online.

The stories you hear from your lonely aunt at family gatherings or on the 11 o'clock news.

As I spent hours entering absurd amounts of personal information on five different dating sites and meandering through all sorts of personality quizzes and maps that would supposedly produce optimized “matches,” it's fair to say that I wasn't expecting much more than some interesting stories to tell my friends and family, and the chance to write off online dating for good.

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