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Don’t worry my drama lovers, you will get your fill as you watch the slow unraveling of Othello (played by Ian Moses Eaton) as he becomes the monster the racist society was accusing him to be...

This OTHELLO is played eloquently by this capable cast.A key metric, for me, when viewing a Shakespeare play is to see if the members are simply reciting their lines in cadence, which is difficult enough, or actually living those lines.This cast lives in this space during the show and it comes through their performance... He is a friend of Desdemona and obviously very affectionate towards her.Desdemona (a terrific Erin Cronican) is so in love with Othello that she doesn’t even notice Cassio’s attentions.""Right off the bat, The Seeing Place Theater makes it known that these won’t be the typical interpretations of some of the Bards most famous players...“We live in a world that pretends it is accepting of others, while silently or overtly belittling people we do not understand, “ says TSP Artistic Director, Brandon Walker.“It is not just a black play - our ensemble is exploring this story as it relates to all of us today, particularly in our current climate of strained Arab/American relations.

OTHELLO’s themes highlight a strong need for empathy with respect to all races, genders, economic classes and religious beliefs.” Click here to buy tickets to this iconic play about love, lust, jealousy and power.

back to top Production Photos - Click for Slideshow "To see [OTHELLO] again in this Shakespearian version is refreshing and powerful...

To kick off a season that explores gender warfare, victim shaming, racial bias and police corruption, The Seeing Place Theater brings you Shakespeare's timeless drama, OTHELLO.

Staged in modern dress with a deep focus on the language, this story is brought to life through the lens of one central dilemma: How can your ego survive when “the other” stands in your way?

After Othello, a black Arab, is made General and appointed leader of a wartime military operation, he chooses a scholar as his lieutenant and marries a powerful senator's daughter without his consent.

Sick of This production of OTHELLO is visceral, immediate, and spoken in a way that anyone can understand.

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