Over accomodating mother

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Thoman can tick off a list of local employers who have stepped up to make the transition from maternity leave to work easier for nursing mothers.There are still some workplaces, she said, that have a ways to go.

People are talking about breastfeeding, and not just during World Breast Feeding week.“I think new moms today are really, really lucky,” Dickerson said, “because if you are interested in it, it’s not this closet secret, whispering behind closed doors, ‘Do you breastfeed? ’ ”Polly Thoman has seen the same change in attitudes.The owner of Baby Sweet Beginnings in Lancaster and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Thoman has heard all sorts of stories.She’s heard from mothers whose bosses question why they need to pump so often and mothers told not to nurse their babies in public.“As far as society goes, people’s jaws drop when they see a mom breastfeeding,” Thoman said.But she also sees an increasing number of women educated about federal labor laws that require employers to provide “reasonable break time” and a private space other than a restroom for workers to express milk.Lee Ann Dickerson isn’t that worked up about Donald Trump.Nine months pregnant with her fourth child, she has more important things to think about than one of the latest controversial comments to pop from his mouth.“I take everything he says with an eye roll, to be quite honest,” said the East Amherst mother, who has breastfed all three of her children and expects to nurse again when the new baby arrives within a few weeks.

Which isn’t to say Dickerson wasn’t annoyed last week after hearing talk of news reports that Trump had once told a lawyer “you’re disgusting” when she took out a breast pump to explain why she needed a medical break during a legal deposition.

What woman who’s juggled a nursing newborn with returning to work wouldn’t be irritated by yet another overwrought breastfeeding controversy?

Certainly not anyone who knows the delicate balance of the nursing mom in the workplace: fitting pumping sessions into long work days, lugging around 10 pounds of equipment and chilled milk, obsessing over whether there will be enough for your child, awkwardly explaining to co-workers where you went during the lunch break.

For Dickerson, a teacher who recently left her elementary school for a job that will keep her closer to home with her children, finding time in a loaded teacher’s schedule to pump wasn’t easy.

But she’s seen big changes in people’s attitudes toward nursing mothers in just the nine years since her first child was born.

That may be a side effect of the steady stream of ridiculous controversies that seem to revolve around breastfeeding – from a 2012 Time magazine cover of a mom breastfeeding a 3-year-old to reports that Facebook deleted photos of mothers nursing babies.

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