Remeron 7 5 mg more sedating

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For example, I would ask your patient to do the following: 1) get plenty of exercise during the day, (usually this means walking), preferably in direct sunlight, but do not exercise in the evening; 2) avoid fluids during the last several waking hours and void before going to bed; 3) avoid alcohol or caffeine during evening hours; 4) read or do whatever seems to help with relaxation and sleep induction before turning the lights out; 5) leave window shades up so that morning sunlight can enter the bedroom; 6) get up at approximately the same hour each a.m.even if nighttime sleep had been poor, and do not nap during the day; 7) get a comfortable mattress and sleep in an uncluttered bedroom.

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Since she seems to respond to and tolerate SSRI antidepressants, another option would be to switch to a more potent SSRI, namely Lexapro®(Escitalopram), starting at 10 mg. Whether you increase the Paxil® dose or switch to Lexapro®, the presumption here is that your patient's ongoing sleep difficulties reflect residual depression.

By the term 'sleep hygiene' I refer to a few very basic and obvious measures.

The medication is being tolerated and her mood is improved, but her sleep remains a problem.

In this case you say that your patient is tolerating Paxil® at 30 mg.

daily and her mood has improved, but sleep is still problematic.

This leaves the impression that, despite overall improvement, she is not quite in full remission from the depressive picture.

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