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Besides if you are a beautiful, energetic woman who clearly has a life and he is the total opposite, he knows that eventually you will meet someone better than him, so he will attempt to end the relationship especially if you aren’t acting that interested in him.Know what you are getting yourself into when seeking out a man half your age or more. You may admire his intellect at first, but later it may grow on your nerves because he knows so much more than you.

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The older women had pushed them out of their lives and now they were desperately seeking anyone who would put up with them. I would think, “You decided to reach 40 plus years and act like a fool!You still have nothing to show for your life.” In time, I learned more about the mid-life crisis that older men faced and it wasn’t any wonder that some were looking for anyone and anything to make them happy.That’s right be patient in any and everything you do when involving yourself with a mature man.If you don’t have much dating experience, you will find that he can easily do things to make you feel like he is the best thing since slice bread; however, one day in the midst of feeling in love, his emotions can come crashing down, leaving you feeling broken and depressed asking, “What happened? ” Some of these men are only in love with the idea of being with a young woman, but not committing to her for a lifetime.The mature men I met were really no different than the younger men except that they were more stable in their finances, moved a little slower, seemed to hold an intelligent conversation, and really seemed to be into me.I didn’t have to worry too much about the wandering eye and the short attention span of a younger beau.

As I learned more and more about these older men, at times I was impressed with their knowledge and other times I felt that I acted more mature than they.

I met my share of irresponsible older men, the kind who acted like they had it together, but in reality they didn’t.

Patiently Waiting for Him When I started dating older men back in my twenties, I had no idea what to expect. Anyway, I wondered what to expect dating men with thinning hair, grey hair sprouting from here there and everywhere.

These were all hormonal related issues that men went through and I didn’t know that I could possibly be a product of their mid-life crisis.

It was an adjustment every time I dated an older man.

Like men, I too am a very visual creature and I had to put aside my personal hang-ups and see the man for who he really was — a human being, period.

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