Rpg maker vx dating sim script

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But by working variables effectively, it's really easy to recreate dating sim elements, and you could probably complete the game making process of a pure dating sim more quickly than a grand adventure game with lots of dungeons.you could use visual novel style for your game if it's fully focused on dating sims. for visual novel style don't use any charset to walk around but use eventing to move around. or harder one combining parallax with location background + event and mouse system so when you click on event it will activate it and move to next location... Suikoden Theme EST - SUIKODEN BRIBE RUN EST - SUIKODEN RUNE EST - SUIKODEN SAVE SCENE EST - ENEMY POSITION Actor, Enemy, Trait, State, Skill, Etc EST - CLONE ACTOR EST - RACE TRAITS EST - PERMANENT STATES EST - SKILL TYPE SEAL MANAGER EST - LIVING STATUS EST - ACTOR ENEMY Menu EST - PHONE MENU ENGINE Build System EST - BUILD AND DECOR SERIES Battle / Shop / Any Scene Modification EST - BRIBE AND BATTLE ROYALE EST - INPUT NAME USING KEYBOARD EST - DYNAMIC SHOP EST - SELECT CURRENCY EST - PRICE FORMULA EST - RING SYSTEM Developer Tool EST - SIMPLE NOTETAGS GRABBER EST - DATA OBJECT SAVE EST - SIMPLE EVENT PAGE CONTROLLER EST - AUTO TEXT COLOR PLUS EST - CONSTANT CHANGER EST - SCRIPT CONTROL EST - ENCRYPTER Tsukihime Manager Pluggin Effect - Guest Core Effect - Auto Skill Core Effect - Golden Touch - Estriole Version Effect - Share the Pain State Well, I do like the rpg aspect, and could easily incorprate it into the story, but I would structure it in a similar style to Alchemy Meister.

The Player takes on the role of one of four main characters and tries to make their way in this town, get a job, earning money, buying food, moving on up to better houses, and socializing with the towns inhabitants and ultimately falling in love.I have made a little progress with it, but scripting is my enemy as I'm not very good with it so progress has been slow.I really enjoy date/life sims and am hoping to create a nice game that pushes the boundry of what you typically see in such games.I would really enjoy making this game a reality, so let me know what you think, and if you think you can help, I'll gladly accept it.Hey all, Not my first forum post, but I figured I'd post here.My name is Korvas Terindar and I've been into RPG maker since the early Playstation version.

I've never done much in the way of grand games, but I have however come up with a few good ideas, one of which has really stuck in my mind.

I have the concept of a life/dating simulator involving many fantasy races, like elves, in a fictional town living a normal life.

My major project right now is a dating sim RPG actually.

I like dating sims, and I like games with dating sim elements.

Unfortunately, a pure dating/life sim game doesn't have a very large audience, and lacks a certain adventure feel that other RPGs have.

That's why my game is a dating sim and an RPG in one, with high emphasis on both the dating sim and the RPG battle aspect.

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